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I'm Just Wild About Harry!

I finished the book! If you understand which book, then you have also been eagerly awaiting HP/DH (aka: HP7), the final installment in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. If you said "what book?", well, nothing I'm going to say will make any sense, I suppose.

I had pre-ordered my copy 'way back in January from Barnes & Noble (, hindsight...I probably should have just gone to one of the Midnight HP Parties (held on Friday night) at a local bookstore. I had been relentlessly tracking my book on UPS online for 24 hours (after I had received an email from BN that it had shipped), while the UPS tracking message continued to say "Left for Final Destination (our house) at 11:47 a.m., Friday." Now, the UPS facility is only about 10-15 miles from my house, so I was beginning to think that it must be arriving by Slow Owl, as it didn't arrive...and it didn't arrive...and it still didn't arrive. I even tried "

100 Degrees in the Shade...But It's a Dry Heat!

Maredith and I just returned from a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, where views of the Wasatch range of mountains like this (left) are at every turn. She was scheduled to attend a three-day course and then a three-day conference on E-Learning, held at the University of Utah, with a weekend in between, and had booked a double room at the Guest House. All she had to do was say "Mom, would you like to join me...?" Of course, you know me...I was almost finished packing before the words were out of her mouth! (I am my mother's daughter, after all.) This was Maredith's first visit to Salt Lake City, and I had not been to SLC since I was about 10, so everything looked new to me, too. We had a good time together, as we always do, in spite of having to battle some nasty respiratory problems that we blamed on the wood floor refinishing "fun" we'd experienced the week before at her house in Louisville. These were made worse by the high temperatures (100-104 daily..…

Bountiful Harvest

You leave a garden for a week in the Summer and look what happens! As you can see in the photo (left), the tomatoes have started to come in, and the yellow and zucchini squash appear to be on steroids. Can you also see the purple Bell peppers, along with a couple of green ones? This is the first year that they have truly produced for us. You probably can't tell, but the Cayenne Peppers are starting to ripen, too, and the basil really needed a major haircut! Mom took a good deal of our bounty to share with her bridge buddies at O'Fallon Senior Center, but we still have a mountain of zucchini, waiting to be grated and frozen. It'll make fabulous zucchini bread, won't it? And, of course, what would a garden be without flowers? Can you see the red Mr. Lincoln roses and the Shasta daisies in the background?

Yes, we enjoy sharing our garden with others, especially those who no longer have access to home-grown produce. But, to be perfectly honest, I just melt when the tomatoe…

Sweat Equity

Happy Independence Day! Did you have a nice July Fourth Holiday? "Nice" might not precisely describe ours, but I can say that it was definitely productive. Thomas and I went to visit Maredith in Louisville on June 30 and just got back home late last night. What a labor-intensive “visit” that was!

As you can see in the photo to the right, Thomas and Maredith spent some time finishing the lattice privacy screens in her back yard. The screens were a welcome addition, but they had suffered in the wind without that "finish" board he's adding, which made the project look...well, finished! Please note that OSHA-approved scaffolding he, er...custom-designed for this project...patent is pending.

Before the major project began, we enjoyed meeting Terry and LaDonna for dinner at Max & Erma's at The Summit. There's always a lot of laughter when we get together...always so good to see them. I think we've seen more of them since they (and Maredith) moved to KY …