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Third Time...Charm

Eggplant. Or, if you prefer, aubergine. Your thoughts?

For the majority of my six decades, I have loved the color...hated the vegetable. Mostly on general principle...on both counts. And, until this year, I've never tried to grow eggplant in my garden. Why grow something you have no intention of eating, I ask you?
Truth be told, Missy M is the reason I have changed my ways. She has met very few veggies that she will eat, but she grows a great variety in her Secret Garden. Gives most of her harvest away to friends and coworkers. Doesn't let the fact that she will not consume it keep her from trying to grow it. She's my inspiration.
So, this year, I found room in the tomato-and-pepper row for one lone Black Beauty eggplant transplant. Put it in the ground, put a tomato cage around it, and immediately covered it with a piece of summer-weight row cover to protect it from the myriad of insect pests that seem to adore the plant. It looked like it was in quarantine from Day One.
I wa…

Fast-Approaching Fall

Hard to believe but I'm seeing leaves changing colors here at Casa 3917. Not just the tulip poplars either...those early-droppers have been generously sharing their yellow bounty since July. No, I can see reds and golds in the maples and the dogwoods in our yard. Can the oaks be far behind?

Fall, of course, means football. And it typically means tailgating and cheering for Duke at their home games in Durham. This year, however, you'll likely find us far from the college crowd, ensconced in our family room, thankful for being just a few feet away from the action on the big screen. Sigh. At least Abbie is a fan...shown here at attention on the foot rest of Mr. T's recliner last Saturday for the LSU game...while the Bassets hold the sofa down and catch a few zzzzz's. 

We had planned on heading for the beach next week, like we usually do. September is such a fine time to enjoy all the amenities without all the families, if you catch my drift. The days are still sunny and the…

Make A Wish

Welcome, of my favorite months! Several reasons for this feeling come to mind:
1. It's Mr. T's birthday month...always a reason for joy! More on this in a minute. 2. It's Elmo's Gotcha Month! Our "baby boy" became a member of the Drool Gang in 2005, when we adopted him from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue (GABR) while we lived in O'Fallon, MO. Even though the GABR foster mom told Missy M that Elmo "needed" to be an only dog, we soon found out that was just not the case. Mr. E needed to be part of a pack...with a strong leader like Gus was. 3. If it's September, that means August (not one of my faves) is over for another year. And the hottest and most humid part of Summer is (typically) behind us. Hooray! 
Here are some pictures that connect with Reason #1...and the Man of the Month:

The first one is Mr. T's cake (as requested, chocolate with white icing), his birthday bouquet of flowers in bloom in the gardens on this day, and a …

Let Us Eat Cake

That was fun! Took a little Sunday drive of 175 miles or so, headed west on I-40 to see Brother J and SIL J in Asheville. Had a great time together.

Their former 'fixer-upper' home, purchased a bit over a year ago and refurbed with care and a keen eye for character, looks lovely and is a credit to SIL J's ability to look at a jewel-in-the-rough and see the Hope Diamond. Amazing talent...appreciated all-the-more because I'm devoid of any ability in that arena. They have worked hard...and it shows.

I said I'd bring tomatoes and lettuce from the garden to add to the meal...and dessert. Neither of them had ever tasted Sun Gold tomatoes, so was glad I could introduce them to these super-sweet morsels. Also I had a couple of ripe red Big Daddys and two big Brandywine Pinks for slicing. The lettuce is a bit sparse this time of year, but we had enough to decorate our burgers, which tasted great right off the grill.
And about the dessert plate I fixed...

Squares of Double C…