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Yes, It Really Does Sound Like a Freight Train

If you've been tuned into the news and/or weather channel(s) this week, you've probably heard our city's name a few times.  High Point was hit by an EF-3 tornado on Sunday night during a wave of severe thunderstorms that dumped nearly 2.5 inches of rain on us during the evening hours.  What a night!

We are among the fortunate.  The worst strike was in area about a half-mile from us, where houses were damaged in several neighborhoods, including Blairwood.  (If you know where we live, you will know how close we are to that area.)  We were watching the constant weather reports (thank goodness we still had electricity), trying to figure out where the danger was, when both Mr. T and I heard the proverbial freight train sound, roaring through the back yard.  We have Duke Energy transmission lines going through the back, so we surmise that the leveled trees...allowed the sound to be magnified.  Anyway, we hustled N/M/E and the three dogs into the laundry room to wait …

Oh, What a Week

Mr. Dickens said it better than I can:  it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Let's start with the best...

I had a fantastic time last week at the 2010 MESDA Textile Seminar, "'Trees of life bear fruits of love,' New Research in Southern Needlework and Textiles."  I learned so much, as this was a "scholarly", I had fun.  Period.  It was the first seminar/workshop/class that I've attended in years, just for the fun of it. 

As I am more of a hand's-on learner, I would have to say my two favorite sessions were the MESDA Research Center Exploration on Wednesday, where we were given an assignment and got to play "treasure hunt" throughout the Research Center; and, the Coverlet Turning on Saturday, where we got to see (up close and personal) more than 25 coverlets and quilts from the MESDA collection...many that have never been exhibited before.  The photo on the right is of one of the quilts we saw on Saturday.…

Start of Something New

I really don't want to jinx anything ("You're not superstitious, are you Leon?"  "No, I'm just a little 'stitious."**), but has anyone else noticed a touch of Spring in the air?  I trimmed some branches off our one forsythia (side yard, under our bedroom window...:) and popped them into a vase of warm water...along with some King Alfred daffodils that had opened this weekend...all for the dining room table.  Of course, about an hour after I did that on Saturday, it started to HAIL (English pea-size).  Ah yes, the joys of Spring:  flowers, rebirth, and changeable weather.  It's always something new at this time of the year.

Last Friday brought another "something new" into my life.  I started my volunteer job with the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), a part of Old Salem in Winston-Salem.  It was raining and dreary outside (as you can see in that photo over there that I captured with my phone), but I fell in love with all …

Yes, Things are Looking Better Around Here

If you've been reading my posts lately, you may think things seemed pretty bleak around our abode.  Woe was us.  The Winter of our Discontent.  Well, now with some lovely warm temperatures and Carolina Blue skies, I can misquote the Bard by saying it has been made glorious Spring by this sun of High Point.  I ask you, how can things be bad when it's 65 degrees, the sun is shining, and the daffodils are starting to bloom?  That's the first one (left) in our yard...a King Alfred...the first of many, I hope.

Yesterday brought some resolution to Elmo's struggles with primary glaucoma, which is a breed-related defect in the fluid drainage system in the eye(s).  After a particularly trying weekend where he barely raised his sweet head off the sofa...not eating at all on Sunday...he went in early for his appointment with the wonderful Dr. Nasisse, Veterinary Ophthalmologist at Carolina Veterinary Specialists.  We reviewed the options for treatment that he had outlined at our …

Here We Go Again

Can you tell what that is in that picture over there to the left?  Well, since it's Tuesday in HPNC, then it must be SNOW, right?  Right.  All right, already!  Surely this is our last snowstorm of the season.  Surely...

I love snow, don't get me wrong.  Nothing like a Snow Day:  pot of soup/stew on the stove; cup of hot tea with lemon by my side; knitting needles in my hand.  But, not this much...not this many...not this often.  And, after the first two or three, well, I'm ready for Spring.  Southerner to the core, I guess.

On my walk yesterday, I noticed several crocuses (crocii?) pushing up through the pinestraw mulches.  And, our own daffodils that we planted last Fall have several inches of green growth above ground...with a couple of brave flower buds in evidence.  Not blooms yet, mind you...just buds.  I even saw a branch or two of forsythia with flowers.  Soon, I hope the whole neighborhood will be awash in yellow!  But, first we have to get through yet another snow…

The Doctor is In

WARNINGThe following post is not for the squeemish.

I'm beginning to think there is a little black raincloud hanging over our Drool Gang (Gus, Duchess, and Elmo). I've written previously about Elmo's glaucoma (about the same as last reported: 3 drops of 3 different meds daily; next Ophthal. Vet. appt on March 8).

Now, I've got the peroxide and antibiotic ointment out because one of Duchess' bumps burst open this AM. This one is located on her rear, fairly large, so we've been calling it her Bustle. Taking a step back probably need to know that Bassets are prone to having skin problems, cysts, and cancerous growths.  Duchess seems to be the only one of our current three Droolers to have these cysts (AKA:  "bumps"), but Boots (our Beautiful Basset babe before Duchess...taken from us at age 11 by kidney disease) had the bumps, too.  Duchess has had 6 of these removed in the last few years (none cancerous, TG). Vet suggested we just monitor …