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It's About Time

Hello again! Remember me? Long time, no see...pun intended. It's certainly about time, as the title says, that I post an update, isn't it?

It's about time...I gave you an update about my eye. Short version: Recovery continues on schedule. Whose schedule, you ask? The doctor's, of course. He has said from the beginning: 4-6 weeks. Period. The fact that I think all should be "normal" by now has absolutely nothing to do with anything...other than making me nutz. 
The long version includes some medical mumbo-jumbo about how my previous eye surgery on the left eye in 1985 caused some scar tissue, which nessicitated the use of an extra opthalmalic instrument during this surgery to create a more-perfect "ring" in the iris (through which the cataract was removed and the new lens implanted)...the use of which potentially "stretched" the iris muscles (who knew the iris had muscles?!), which now need to return to their normal shape...which will help cl…

Detour to the Surgery Center

OK, I didn't get that catch-up bike post done, did I? No, I took a little detour on Wednesday to the High Point Surgery Center for cataract surgery on my left eye. Not unexpected...just not expected to happen NOW! No my eyesight was deteriorating daily it seemed, I was ready to have this over and done!
You may recall that I had my right eye "done" in October 2012, at the High Point Surgery Center, and ultimately very successfully, too. So I had high hopes that things would go every bit as well. 
We checked in before we were due at 7:30, using my passport as my picture ID. I told you about the Pound Puppies eating my Driver's License, didn't I? 

Yes, well, they insisted I bring something that actually had my picture intact, and the only thing I could think of was my passport. Just think, somewhere on Wednesday morning someone used her passport to fly to Paris. I used mine to gain admittance to eye surgery. Ah well, comme ci comme ├ža!
Anyway, things seemed …