It's About Time

Hello again! Remember me? Long time, no see...pun intended. It's certainly about time, as the title says, that I post an update, isn't it?

It's about time...I gave you an update about my eye. Short version: Recovery continues on schedule. Whose schedule, you ask? The doctor's, of course. He has said from the beginning: 4-6 weeks. Period. The fact that I think all should be "normal" by now has absolutely nothing to do with anything...other than making me nutz. 

The long version includes some medical mumbo-jumbo about how my previous eye surgery on the left eye in 1985 caused some scar tissue, which nessicitated the use of an extra opthalmalic instrument during this surgery to create a more-perfect "ring" in the iris (through which the cataract was removed and the new lens implanted)...the use of which potentially "stretched" the iris muscles (who knew the iris had muscles?!), which now need to return to their normal shape...which will help clear up my vision and restore my depth perception. Voilá! Personally? I keep looking for a shortcut...pun intended. Meanwhile, I "goose step" my way through life because I can't judge distances very well, even the distance from my foot to the ground I'm walking on. But, it's getting better...on schedule.

It's about time...I updated you on my pretend bike ride to Disneyland. I had to put it on pretend-pause in the Commonwealth of that I could go to...the Commonwealth of Kentucky...for real. Yep, we went over the mountain, through the toll booths, and across four states with three dogs to M's house for an extended Easter visit. Couldn't pack my recumbent bike for this trip...there wasn't enough room. Heheheheh, she's making a funny...right? 


It's about time...I told you the real reason I haven't been posting to my blog. I knew a secret...and frankly, I didn't trust that I could keep it. Well, the proverbial cat is out of the I can spill the beans! (I know, I know...mixing my metaphors...:-) 

Missy M has accepted an offer from Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen (PLK) and is moving to Atlanta! She has worked as an instructional designer for Yum! Brands here in Louisville for almost 8 years (can that be possible?!): first for the Long John Silver's brand; and then for KFC for the past 3+ years. She was pursued pretty enthusiasiastically by recruiters for the rival Popeye's, who had some rather large carrots to dangle, including: an opportunity to create and design instruction for their mobile strategy (a passion of hers); an opportunity for advancement with a company in growth-mode; and an opportunity to make a co-paid relo to a city that welcomes corporate transfers. We should know, as we were the recipients of that hospitality ourselves! Big plus for us: she will be closer to HPNC by about 3 hours. (If you don't think a relatively flat 5-hour drive is much easier than a mountainous 8-hour drive, then you haven't been paying attention!) Trust me when I say we are ALL thrilled about this...except maybe the State of West Virginia, who will lose some of her best toll-paying customers. 

So, we are here...with our dogs...and when we head home to High Point in a few days, we will have ALL of the dogs with us...hence one of the reasons I couldn't bring my bike with me, heheheheh. Fun with the Fab Five! M needs to clean, paint, and stage her house to get it on the market; then the movers will come in and pack & move the stuff that has been designated "going to GA." If you have ever moved before, you will understand that the process is complicated enough as is...removing her two dogs from the scene makes it a little less so. Happy to help where we can!

So, it's about time...I put my Ray Charles shades on and get back to my designated pre-move task: staging the Secret Garden. You mean I get to work in my favorite spot here on Franelm? Yep. Garden therapy...just what the doctor (should have) ordered.'s a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, right?



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