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P. O. Box 93

I was robbed.

Yesterday around 9:00 a.m., during an apparent attempted robbery, two men in a maroon Chevrolet Malibu reportedly shot and killed two women:  Paula Robinson, 33, and Judy Spray, 58, neither of whom was known to me personally. That's the who, the how, the what, the when, and possibly even the why

It's the where that is personal.  So very personal.  Because of where this crime occured, I spent a restless night, trying to process what had happened.  I'm hoping that writing about it will help.  Please indulge me.

Most of you know, or have figured out, that I'm a native Tennessean.  While I was born and spent the first three years of my life in the Big City 50 or so miles to the south, I grew up in the tiny town of Henning in Lauderdale County.  When I say "tiny town," I'm probably being generous.  As I recall, there were fewer than 500 residents, counting "dogs, cats, and gophers," as they used to say...although I can't ever rec…

Fall Has Arrived...Finally!

Just when we thought it would be Summer forever...and ever..., Fall put in an appearance here in the Piedmont of NC. Instead of temperatures in the 80's and 90's (!) during the day, we've had more seasonable 60's and 70's. And, the night-time temps have even dipped into the 40's. Ahh...much better.


The football games we've attended have all been scorchers. Not score-wise, mind you, 'cause we are fans of the Duke Blue Devils (scoring a their game against Miami over there in that photo, don't want to know the final score), the Carolina Panthers, and the Memphis Tigers...none of which are threatening to win a single game, much less have a winning season. Sigh.

No, temp.-wise. Mr. T donned his Duke sweatshirt on Saturday, saying it was a little chilly outside when he took his morning Coffee Walk in the garden; so, I followed suit and found a sweater to layer over my Duke T-shirt.

Did not need either one of those …

Aloha! Part 4 - Riding the Waves...and Returning to the Mainland

Can it be? A whole month has passed since we boarded American flight #14 for our return trip from Maui. Unbelievable. I guess I'd better try to finish my posts about our vacation, hadn't I? [Talk about "old news"...:)]

Let's see. In the last post about Day Five, we were rippin' and flippin' on the Road to Hana and back, weren't we? [Ahem. That's from a saying about the towns connected by old Highway 51 in Lauderdale County, Tennessee, where I grew up.  "Rippin' (for Ripley, TN) and flippin' (for Flippin, TN) around the Curve (for Curve, TN), through the Gates (for Gates, TN) down the Halls (for Halls, TN), to visit the people in Dyersburg."  The things we remember...:)]


 Our story is up to Day Six...Thursday...and it's time to recount our catamaran sailing trip from Lahaina to the island of Lana'i on the Trilogy I.  We left our hotel after morning coffee on our lanai, allowing plenty of time to drive …