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Goodbye May, Hello June!

They say a sure sign of aging is the pervasive feeling that time is flying by. One minute merrie May is beginning, and before you have truly gotten used to the last full month of Spring, along comes June...elbowing into the party. Oh bother, what do "they" know anyway?

Of course, May is a very special month indeed in our house as it is our anniversary month. And this week, we celebrated No. 37. Huzzah! We toasted the end of one year and the beginning of another one in The Adsit Adventure, enjoying a lovely meal at The Tavern at Old Salem, where we celebrated No. 12, twenty-five years ago. We had just moved from Tennessee to North Carolina (the first time...of the three times we have lived here...:-), and Old Salem had quickly become one of our favorite places. Still good after all these years...The Adventure as well as the restaurant...;-)
37. Seems like an extraordinarily big number, especially when connected with wedding anniversaries, right? Well, it certainly is somethin…

A Day Late...

Uh-oh. I let Friday turn into Saturday without posting to my blog. Shame, shame. Want to hear my excuses?

Excuse #1: Abbie. How could such a cute, little sweetie-pie be an excuse for anything, you ask? Ah, well. After three postponements (one due to her age...too young; one due to a change in vets; and one per our own vet's advice), we finally got the go-ahead during Monday's puppy appointment with Dr. K (for her parvo and bordetella boosters) for Abbie to be spayed. Her surgery took place Winston-Salem...and we had to check her in at "their" vet's on S. Stratford Road (23 miles away) between 7:30 and 8:30. Yawn.  Why didn't we just have Dr. K perform the surgery? Well, the contract we signed when we adopted Abbie from Forsyth Animal Control Shelter in February states quite clearly that we use "their" vet. They changed vets between Abbie's first and second postponements, which actually turned out to be a good thing, since I really…

Let the Healing Begin

Just in case you, my dear reader, didn't get the word via email or Facebook, I wanted to post an update on Mr. T's knee surgery this morning on my blog. That should cover ALL bases, I think.

From Facebook:

From my email:
'The patient is home, resting comfortably, and enjoying those final effects of anesthesia. He has three dogs providing complete bed-top protection. On our way home, we made swing-by stops at the drug store (pain meds), medical equipment store (crutches), and Jimmy John's (lunch!) we are settling in for our siesta.

Several asked about the impacted bone. As I understand the situation, the dr believes the original "trauma" (unknown) that caused the torn medial meniscus (left knee) also caused a stress-like fracture of the tibia where fragments of bone were driven into each other (impacted). Clear as mud. Anyway, the treatment is a form of decompression (keeping as much weight off the bone/knee as possible) for an extended period...hence the 4 w…

Rose is a Rose...

What a great feeling it is to have one big thing behind me! I gave my "Earth-Kind(r) Roses" presentation at the Extension yesterday, and by all accounts it was well-received. Hooray and hallelujah! Over and done!!

Moving on...checking off the items on this week's To Dos.
Mr. T is making his way through the maze of medicos, getting all the prep-work done for his knee surgery tomorrow. So far, so good. EKG was normal. Blood pressure was excellent. And the insurance coverage has been confirmed. Looks like we are go for the launch! Counting down 'til Friday morning at 11:00.
Meanwhile, the gardens are beginning to give. While cutting roses for several arrangements to use for door prizes at the workshop yesterday, I noticed a ripe, red strawberry peeping out from the protective bird netting. And then another...and another! All that rain we had, followed by temps in the 80s, yielded rewards! 

Looks like I'll have enough for my cereal after all...:-)
So, today I'm h…


I was already having a bad day. You know the kind...anything that can go wrong, does so in spades. How could that be? I had found a four-leaf clover just the day before.

(Please be impressed with that photo. I have taken a couple of photography-in-the-garden classes recently, and putting the brown leaf behind the green clover for emphasis was something I learned.)
Anyway, I knew if I just kept plugging along, I'd make it through the quicksand that was my Wednesday...eventually. Hang in there. One foot in front of the other. Eyes on the prize. You know the drill.
Only, that's not how it worked out. It got worse...much, much worse. I learned that my college suite-mate had died quite suddenly and unexpectedly that day. She was a seemingly healthy Mom and grandmom, who had just returned from the gym when she collapsed in her kitchen. The paramedics couldn't revive her. And, as of today, there is no news on what happened. How? Why? So many questions...absolutely no answers.
I c…

A Carolinian on The Carolinian

[Updated on Saturday, May 4, 2013]

I'm onboard, on time, and online. All aboard The (northbound) Carolinian! It's 8:20 a.m., and I'm headed from HPNC to Raleigh for a day of fun (my personal definition): NC Symphony concert lecture and matinee performance, followed by a late lunch at fav bu*ku, with about an hour left to see some more of the NC History Museum (which I am seeing one exhibit space at a time...:-). There's all the free WiFi I can use on The Carolinian (although not on all lines, I understand), so I'm going to sit back, relax, listen to some tunes or a book; read, blog or knit as the mood strikes; and enjoy my Fun Friday. Loving that I don't have to drive there...or find a place to park...or drive back home. Ahhhhhh...

I learned my lesson in this same journey last May: do NOT go coach. It's May. Early May. I live in a college town, on the train route with a bazillion other college towns. What happens in early May, in college towns, that usually…

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I don't know about you, but I'm always thankful when I start a new month off right. Makes me feel like the next four weeks or so are headed in the right direction, don't you know?

Of course, it's good to close a month on a good note, too. April has certainly lived up to the reputation of being the Month of Showers.  And thankfully, we are now getting our share of flowers all around Casa 3917.

As you can see from a couple of those shots, the iris we received several years ago from my late cousins, Betty Jean and Wendell Gore, are making their annual appearance. We've moved these iris...or, at least offspring of the originals...from house to house, state to state, and we now have a lovely stand of them in the Rondell (Center "Circle" of the Way Back). Some yellow ones I added two years ago as a contrast color, will be making an appearance in a day or two. I so love it when they begin to open! Reminds of two wonderful peo…