Let the Healing Begin

Just in case you, my dear reader, didn't get the word via email or Facebook, I wanted to post an update on Mr. T's knee surgery this morning on my blog. That should cover ALL bases, I think.

From Facebook:

From my email:

'The patient is home, resting comfortably, and enjoying those final effects of anesthesia. He has three dogs providing complete bed-top protection. On our way home, we made swing-by stops at the drug store (pain meds), medical equipment store (crutches), and Jimmy John's (lunch!)...so we are settling in for our siesta.

Several asked about the impacted bone. As I understand the situation, the dr believes the original "trauma" (unknown) that caused the torn medial meniscus (left knee) also caused a stress-like fracture of the tibia where fragments of bone were driven into each other (impacted). Clear as mud. Anyway, the treatment is a form of decompression (keeping as much weight off the bone/knee as possible) for an extended period...hence the 4 weeks on crutches.  I hope I didn't butcher that explanation too badly.

Thanks for all the prayers, well-wishes, and glad tidings. Hugs!'

And now, since I've been up-and-at-'em since 4:30 a.m., I think I'm going to take a look at the back of my eyelids for the next hour or so. Sleep while the baby...or in this case, the patient...sleeps, as our wise pediatrician once told me. 

No truer words...


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