Goodbye May, Hello June!

They say a sure sign of aging is the pervasive feeling that time is flying by. One minute merrie May is beginning, and before you have truly gotten used to the last full month of Spring, along comes June...elbowing into the party. Oh bother, what do "they" know anyway?

Of course, May is a very special month indeed in our house as it is our anniversary month. And this week, we celebrated No. 37. Huzzah! We toasted the end of one year and the beginning of another one in The Adsit Adventure, enjoying a lovely meal at The Tavern at Old Salem, where we celebrated No. 12, twenty-five years ago. We had just moved from Tennessee to North Carolina (the first time...of the three times we have lived here...:-), and Old Salem had quickly become one of our favorite places. Still good after all these years...The Adventure as well as the restaurant...;-)

37. Seems like an extraordinarily big number, especially when connected with wedding anniversaries, right? Well, it certainly is something to celebrate by contemporary standards, but we are such babes-in-the-woods compared to some friends and family members. Still, we revel in the memories each year represents, not necessarily in the accumulation of digits.

Speaking of representing...

I googled Wedding Anniversary 37 to find out what was its representative element. You know, like silver was 25, jade was 35, ruby will be 40 (ooh goody, my birthstone!), gold will be 50, and diamond will be 60 (hey, a girl should have goals, right?). Any guesses on 37? 

Alabaster. Say what?! Ever tried to find a gift for a special guy made out of alabaster? Mr. T isn't a sculpture or paperweight kinda fellow, don't you know.

Ta da! Please be impressed with my choice.

I noticed he was squinting while reading in his favorite chair the other day, so I found a reading lamp that will shed more light on the subject...and its shade is made of alabaster! Score!! Oh, and I got him Dan Brown's latest...and tried not to drool when he unwrapped Inferno. Tick, tick, tick, dear hubby of mine....time's a-wastin', you know...line is forming to read that one...:-)

So, Mr. T is doing pretty well following his arthroscopic knee surgery a couple of weeks ago. His range of motion is returning, especially the front-to-back variety. He went back to work this week, even driving to Charlotte on Tuesday. He downsized his luggage and took some weight out of his briefcase, so that made things a bit easier on him. Still, trying to return to normal while using crutches is awkward at best...downright cumbersome the majority of the time. He's just returned from his postoperative visit to the Dr., who removed the bandages and stitches...and who said he was pleased with Mr. T's progress...but concerned about arthritis moving into the knee joint. Wants him to wear wedge orthotics to help take pressure off the joint. Two more weeks on the crutches. Will reevaluate in three more weeks. 

Apparently, Dr. L, whose office is on Lindsay Street in High Point, also "prescribed" another curative. (Anyone familiar with HPNC, knows what sits at the corner of Main and Parkway/Lindsay...:-)  Mr. T came back home bearing a bag of sweet elixirs, saying he was supposed to "take two of these..."


OK, I'll leave you with a picture I took of Abbie, following HER spaying surgery last Friday. She was supposed to be kept calm and quiet for 7-10 running, jumping on furniture, climbing steps, etc. Right. That lasted less than 72 hours, until the anesthesia wore off completely. As you can see, she jumped up into Mr. T's chair while he was problem. Looks like she's doing just fine...

Well. Just a few more hours until the new month arrives. I think I'll take my coffee on a walk and enjoy this beautiful May morning we are having. Won't be able to say that tomorrow!


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