Rose is a Rose...

What a great feeling it is to have one big thing behind me! I gave my "Earth-Kind(r) Roses" presentation at the Extension yesterday, and by all accounts it was well-received. Hooray and hallelujah! Over and done!!

Moving on...checking off the items on this week's To Dos.

Mr. T is making his way through the maze of medicos, getting all the prep-work done for his knee surgery tomorrow. So far, so good. EKG was normal. Blood pressure was excellent. And the insurance coverage has been confirmed. Looks like we are go for the launch! Counting down 'til Friday morning at 11:00.

Meanwhile, the gardens are beginning to give. While cutting roses for several arrangements to use for door prizes at the workshop yesterday, I noticed a ripe, red strawberry peeping out from the protective bird netting. And then another...and another! All that rain we had, followed by temps in the 80s, yielded rewards! 

Looks like I'll have enough for my cereal after all...:-)

So, today I'm headed for a long overdue catchup lunch with Momma's BFF AW. She's such a sweetie-pie, and I feel like I have neglected our friendship too long. That changes in about 15 minutes!

I'll let you know how things go...



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