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Become the Butterfly

Today is a hot, humid Summer's day...96 with a heat index of 99...and what better way to enjoy it than as a butterfly, sipping nectar from a lovely zinnia (left). I wish. BTW, I took this photo standing about 4 feet away from the garden fence, where this beautiful butterfly ignored me and concentrated on the juicy flower.

Looks like we are headed for the high-90's today, with thunderstorms a'brewing for tonight and tomorrow. Same old, same old.

Of course, I have to give credit where it is due. This long, hot, wet Summer we are experiencing has been perfect for sustaining all of our beautiful blossoms. Without a doubt, the flowers of all varieties have been the biggest, prettiest, showiest (add superlative here) we've seen in...well, in forever! Hooray!

Not so for the veggie garden, I'm afraid. The weeds are about the only things that are growing great there. Upon reflection, I acknowledge two major mistakes:

I rushed to plant, especially my tomatoes and my onion sets.…

Pets and Projects

Oh wow! After much work and more moolah, we finally got the water in the pond all cleared up, and it was truly worth the trouble and expense. I took my camera out tonight at feeding time and got this shot of Tiger (the Calico Ryukin, on the left in the photo to the left)...and one of the TEN newest members of the wet-set (on the right in the photo, with the circle for emphasis). Yep, we are the proud pet parents of 10 fish babies. We also have two other "big fish" in residence: Jaws (a large-and-in-charge red-orange Pond Comet) and Goldy Spawn (a Red Ryukin). Of the babies, it appears that we have 2 red/black mixes and (at least) 8 black ones. So, if I remember my high school biology class correctly, that means Tiger is one of the parents, right?

While I'm doing the Pet Report, I should offer an update on Ella Rae, (left) Missy M's darling dachshund-mix. She's thriving...gaining a whole pound at her Vet visit...livin' large in L'ville.

While I was there las…

Meet Ella Rae!

A warm welcome indeed to our newest family member...Ella Rae! She's a 9-week old dachshund-mix puppy who adopted Missy M on Friday...and we've had a wonderful weekend introducing her to the Drool Gang here in MO. I guess we'll have to change the name of the 'Gang to the Happy Hounds in order to include this beautiful little lady in the count.

Here's an action shot from one of her frequent romps in our back yard (right).

Believe me when I say there will be more about Ella in the future...but for now I have to run. Just wanted you all to be the first to meet her!

HB to Me!

Yesterday was a very happy day indeed for 55th birthday! As Mr. T had business in KS, Mom and I made a day out of it, with a visit to the Wine Country Gardens for lunch and to attend the Daylily Festival. We rounded out the day with a Devil's Food Birthday cake (photo, left) from our newest bakery in town, Heaven Scent Bakery, and Rainbow Sherbet from Baskin Robbins. Yummy!

At the Daylily Festival, we were fortunate enough to snag one of the golf carts, so we could zip around the 42 acres of gorgeous blooms, taking pictures and tagging purchases. This was the first year that they have allowed customers to tag the blooming plants in the field for purchase...and they will dig your selected plant and call later for pick up (and yet another chance to visit...:).

Here's a photo of Mom in the cart (right), surrounded by a background of color. In the foreground is the Wayside King Royale, a purple variety that we tagged for Missy M, who had asked us recently if there were suc…

Water's Still High

I went to Election Judge Training last Thursday (as I'm working at our local precinct for the upcoming August Primary Election). Since the flooding in our area is no longer the leading story on the news (either local or national), thoughts of all that water in the areas around us have receded from my focus. However, it was brought home with a question from a fellow judge at the class, who asked: "What do we do about people who have been flooded out of their homes (AKA their permanent address...the one on the election books) and have temporary addresses (and probably no ID with that particular address)?" Yes, there are plenty of people in this very county who are still dealing daily with the seemingly endless problems of the high water.

But, we are high and dry where we live, thank goodness. We're between the mighty rivers, with the Mississippi to the north (about 12 miles) and the east (about 40 miles), and the Missouri to the south (about 13 miles). And, although I h…

Jolly July

"It's beginning to look a lot like"...July around here! We were beginning to wonder when we got up on July 4th to find temps in the mid-70's, blue skies, and low humidity...altogether strange, but welcome, weather for MO. Missy M was here for the Holiday Weekend, so we made the most of being able to get some sun on the deck without wilting: we filled the plastic wading pool with deliciously cool water, pulled our chairs up to the sides and dipped our toes in the water! Ahhhh...fantastic! Daiquiri, please, waiter.

Never fear...that didn't last long. Today, the thermometer is at 92 and counting, and the humidity weighs heavy on anyone braving the out-of-doors. I went out to snap some shots of any new blooms we had today and felt like someone had slapped a wet blanket on my face. Breathe! Of course, this is what all those flowers live for, isn't it?

First of all, check out this daylily (left, top) called [drum-roll, please...] "Patricia." It's a sunn…