Jolly July

"It's beginning to look a lot like"...July around here! We were beginning to wonder when we got up on July 4th to find temps in the mid-70's, blue skies, and low humidity...altogether strange, but welcome, weather for MO. Missy M was here for the Holiday Weekend, so we made the most of being able to get some sun on the deck without wilting: we filled the plastic wading pool with deliciously cool water, pulled our chairs up to the sides and dipped our toes in the water! Ahhhh...fantastic! Daiquiri, please, waiter.

Never fear...that didn't last long. Today, the thermometer is at 92 and counting, and the humidity weighs heavy on anyone braving the out-of-doors. I went out to snap some shots of any new blooms we had today and felt like someone had slapped a wet blanket on my face. Breathe! Of course, this is what all those flowers live for, isn't it?

First of all, check out this daylily (left, top) called [drum-roll, please...] "Patricia." It's a sunny-yellow, double-ruffled, fluffy flower on a short comparisons, please...:)

Here's a photo (right) of the newest "Dad's Best White" daylilies, purchased this year at Wine Country Gardens daylily "farm" in Defiance, MO. We've got two more "Dad's" growing in the back yard, but this is the largest, showiest blossom on that particular variety for us, and it's in a prominent spot out front.

Next up, a gorgeous bloom on the "Rose Emily" daylily, pictured left (corrected 7/29/08)...a purchase from the daylily farm a couple of years ago. I recall a tiny blossom last year, but nothing like this! The camera doesn't do the colors justice, I'm afraid. The rose color is richer, and the green center is lime-y-er, if possible. Amazing! Right now, this beauty is almost hidden out of sight, under a canopy of maple trees, so I'll have to come up with a better location to show it off, as well as some companion plants that will complement the colors.

As promised in an earlier post, here's a photo (right) of one of the newest varieties: "Charles Johnston" (the red one). We planted this recently in the front bed by the driveway, where we have two white crepe myrtles... which are just now beginning to bud, hopefully to bloom at the end of the week or so.

And, last but by no means least, here's a favorite since 2004: Texas Choice (left). We have a couple of these giant beauties planted on the side, next to some red roses (which aren't in bloom at the moment), and they have never failed to just take our breath away.

The flowers do look like jewels in our yard, no doubt. But, everything looks a good bit better...a good deal neater...after Mr. T spent hours on Saturday with the hedge clipper and trimmers. Wow! Some of our [previously overgrown] shrubs look like they just got their first boot-camp clipping! We had postponed this necessary work in the beds out front due to our resident robin family who had built their nest in the Japanese Maple [which needed a good pruning]. Well, it looks like Junior has flown the nest...indeed, it appears that all have moved out, Mr. T could wait no longer.

Needless to say, Missy M and I elected to spend our holiday Saturday in St. Charles, checking out the new location for Knit and Caboodle. Now, I ask you...which one of those activities would you rather do? Acquiring more yarn stash ingredients after strolling down a lovely cobblestone street in Missouri's First Capitol "city," or whacking overgrowth and weeding? Honestly...

I almost forgot to post a photo of Nana's new know, the "From Purple to Peach" transformation? When she arrived home from her visit with J&J, she seemed quite happy with all the changes.

Mr. T and I also repainted her bathroom, taking it from Electric Yellow to a Cafe au Lait color (which looks remarkably like Missy M's house). The accents are still in blue, but the whole effect is one of calm and relaxation. Spa-like, I believe some of the magazines call it.


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