Pets and Projects

Oh wow! After much work and more moolah, we finally got the water in the pond all cleared up, and it was truly worth the trouble and expense. I took my camera out tonight at feeding time and got this shot of Tiger (the Calico Ryukin, on the left in the photo to the left)...and one of the TEN newest members of the wet-set (on the right in the photo, with the circle for emphasis). Yep, we are the proud pet parents of 10 fish babies. We also have two other "big fish" in residence: Jaws (a large-and-in-charge red-orange Pond Comet) and Goldy Spawn (a Red Ryukin). Of the babies, it appears that we have 2 red/black mixes and (at least) 8 black ones. So, if I remember my high school biology class correctly, that means Tiger is one of the parents, right?

While I'm doing the Pet Report, I should offer an update on Ella Rae, (left) Missy M's darling dachshund-mix. She's thriving...gaining a whole pound at her Vet visit...livin' large in L'ville.

While I was there last week, I snapped this shot (right, below), during one of her naps, adding the TV remote for a point of reference for her size. She's t-i-n-y, compared to the Hounds at Home. But, my oh my, what a bundle of energy she is! I cried when I had to leave her, as I'd gotten quite attached...but I had my Basset buddies to comfort me when I landed at Lambert.

As I'd been away for a week, Mr. T and I enjoyed the day together on Saturday. We headed to the Wine Country Gardens to pick up my daylilies and have a leisurely lunch, discussing our various projects. Then, acting on a whim and an ad in a gardening circular, we checked out a garden and kitchen shop just over the MO River in Wildwood, called Wells & Co. Oh yeah. Good choice. We found "just the right" Mexican metal trellis for the new rose bed, and I brought home a super new bright yellow Kuhn-Rikon Paring Knife.

Of course, there was one teensy, little problem. The trellis is about 6 1/2 feet tall...and the trunk of Mr. T's car is neither that wide nor that long. "No worries," says he. "We'll stand it up through the sunroof." And, we did!! All the way home...20 miles of wind whistling through the tines of the sunburst on the trellis top...20 miles of bubble wrap (kindly provided to keep the metal from scratching the car) flapping in the breeze. [Here's a photo of the packing process (left).] Oh...and, I was able to get the paring knife home inside the bubble wrap or special consideration needed. Tee hee.


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