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Marching Through March

I know I've sung this song before, but where has this month gone??? 

Since I last posted, I headed my PT Cruiser (known as a "Peety" to other PTC drivers...:) Miss Lillie Pearl south on I-85 for a work-week in the Big Peach.  It was absolutely beautiful in Atlanta, with nearly everything wearing Spring finery:  redbud, crabapples, azaleas, and Bradford pears...all at the same time!  Of course, you know what comes with all those blossoms:  p-o-l-l-e-n.  More on that in a minute.

 As usual, I packed as much into one week as I possibly could.  In addition to client sessions, I scheduled a dentist appointment (yes, I still go to Dr. Tatiana Shifrin, the same wonderful dentist I went to when we lived in Duluth...:), and some personal time for catching up with old friends, one of whom introduced me to a new-to-me Cuban restaurant called Havana South in Buford...thanks KD!  I made it to my favorite craft store, Jo-Ann's Super Store in Duluth, (photo, left) where I found…

Monday Morning Melody

Whew! What a busy...and productive...weekend we had.  Since the weather was mostly sunny and generally warm, we tackled a big project in the Wayback Garden:  building enclosed, raised beds for three new blueberry bushes, along with the ones to come this Fall (photo, left).  We also added raised beds for the blackberry bushes (2 new ones; 3 relocated ones).  The Berry Patch portion of the Wayback Garden is off and growing!

While Mr. T was working his wood-working magic with saw and drill, I rooted several dozen forsythia stem cuttings across the back property line.  Then I concocted my own special potting soil, using the wheelbarrow for mixing the soil from last year's pots with sand, peat, fresh potting soil, and compost to give it "new life" for the coming season. 

I then potted up several herbs, including rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, and lavender.  These new pots decorated the area around Hyacynth's seat (photo, right)...but only for a while.  Most of the…

March Moments

Pardon me. My existentialism is showing today.

You know, it's true.  When you distill life to its basic elements, it's not the big productions that matter.  It's the seemingly minor moments that make your life...well, your life.

For instance, I once decided to create a Stewart Family Cookbook to complement our Stewart Family Reunions we were then having annually at the cabin on the farm in Hardeman County.  Major production.  At the time, I was changing employers (nothing new there...I was always changing employers...just keeping basically the same job with each one...:) from Training Manager at Leader Federal Savings and Loan in Memphis (remember them?  Ah well, they're long gone...:) to Training Manager with Fogelman Properties; I had a pre-schooler, who was getting ready to start first grade; and we'd just sold our house in Cordova and rented a townhouse in Bartlett, so all our worldly goods...including the recipes I'd collected from family members to create…