Bell's Palsy Update - Day 26

Now isn't it funny what we are celebrating on this monumental day? Let's see...It was Ella Rae's Gotcha Day, making her four years old in family time (and since she was a baby puppy when Missy M brought her home, that's close to being accurate). Isn't she a cutie?

But that wasn't the Big Thing of The Day.

And it was the anniversary of the date Mr. T and I met in Jackson, Mississippi. Mutual friends introduced us, and we are forever indebted to K and R. But even that wasn't what we were focusing upon.

No. It was my teeny, tiny, itty-bitty, left eyebrow movement. Progress with my Bell's Palsy that was describable...tangible...shareable...shoutable-from-the-rooftop! Yes!!!

Look! Did you see it?! Tell me you saw it! said I.
Why look at that? Your eyebrow moved! I did see it! said Mr. T.

OK, before I veer too far over the center line here, let's put this into perspective. I have known all week that tiny improvements in the severity of the paralysis were happening. I knew it. I just couldn't seem to demonstrate it in any real fashion. And we all know that Mr. T was aptly named at birth...nothing gets by him without doubting it beforehand. Show me.

(An aside. He dearly loves that wonderful Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street...the original, of do we all. But I think he relates to the line about how they have to have AUTHORITATIVE PROOF, to establish the existence of Santa Claus. You can't just say something and have it be so...there has to be visible PROOF for him.)


I may be standing on the hump...but I'm not over it just yet, as I was reminded at my follow up doctor visit in the afternoon. By the time I was seen, I was exhausted by the heat of the day...and the noise in the waiting area, of all things. Apparently they are in the process of switching to electronic medical records...and it was a zoo. I was never so happy to be placed in a tiny exam room in my life. My eye was watering terribly, my eyelid had started to droop more than usual, and my speech was more difficult to understand.

Fortunately, the nurse who came to do my vitals was the same nurse who had triaged me on that fateful Sunday, 4 weeks ago. She remembered me...and was quick to tell Mr. T how much she thought I'd improved since she last saw me. That helped raise my spirits.

I learned that I have maxed out on the prednisone, so no more steroids for me for a while. Actually, I'm OK with that because surely it has done whatever it could have. Surely. Plus, my skin is turning paper-thin right before my eyes! If I moved around more than I do, I'd probably be black-and-blue from bruising...another side effect. Still, because meds don't necessarily just target one problem over another, my back, hips, and neck haven't felt this good in years!! I love serendipity, don't you?

Since I still have some nerve pain in my jaw and behind my ear, especially at night or when I'm tired, I'm now on a double-dose of Neurontin, adding one in the AM to the PM pill beginning today. That should do a better job of keeping the dose at an even keel. But it may take a few days to get used to being drowsy during the day. I foresee morning naps...and NO DRIVING.

And, with a double-dose of caution, I've been referred to a local neurologist. I had planned to see mine when I got back to NC...honest. But, either because I'm not a local here with a local Primary Care doc...or because I have decent insurance...or because it was just easier to agree to the recommendation...I'm now awaiting an appointment. The doc wants to be comfortable about any connection between my case of Bell's Palsy and MS, and I guess that buck stops with a neurologist.

So celebrate with me today! Progress! And all the other good things the day has brought. It truly feels like I can see the light at the end of this long tunnel...albeit through a still-watery left eye with a droopy lid.

No matter. We'll all be smiling whole smiles soon if this keeps up...:~\


Nancy Warren said…
I'm celebrating!! YAHOO!! I've still got you in my prayers & thanking God for each little sign of improvement.
Nancy Warren said…
YAHOO!! I'm celebrating & thanking God for each little sign of improvement!!

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