Bell's Palsy Update - Day 9

I posted the following on Facebook this morning, but I wanted to share it with those of you who aren't (yet...:-) FB fanatics:

If you want to read the whole story...and, if you interested in learning more about BP, I think it's a good is the link for you to click:

Thank you, one and all, who contacted me after I posted a couple of my BP at One Week photos. You were too kind...but very reassuring. Did you notice in that article that the reporter showed her BP photo...taken at one week? Interesting.

I did want to put a little note in about my posts and the attached photos. As I now have to use TWO applications in order to post anything with photos [since Safari...the Apple OS browser, used on the iPhone and iPad...doesn't "do" Flash, which Google...keeper of my blog...requires to post photos], you may arrive on my blog while I am still working on the day's post, switching between the Aps. I try to work as quickly as possible, but there are times that things just may not look right. Sorry. Chalk it up to Technical Difficulties.

I don't have a lot to report from me today. Just finished doing my 6 Facial Exercises (see two previous posts), but decided not to add any more...I probably have been a little too enthusiastic in doing them. Had a rough night...couldn't get comfortable. Still need my eyepatch most of the time. Eating is still an issue. Loud noises (dogs barking, pots and pans banging, etc.) still painful. Still lots of jaw pain (joint), now with neck pain (muscle). Tried one of my muscle relaxers that I've been prescribed for when I have lower back problems...thought it couldn't hurt. Eased the muscle tension in my neck a bit...but put me to sleep mid-morning. Ah well... I'd like to leave you with something beautiful to behold...a picture of one of our Daylilies in bloom last week in HPNC, taken by Mr. T on his iPad. This is one we brought from MO, purchased at the Wine Country Gardens Daylily Farm in Defiance, which is STILL my fav, called South Seas. Enjoy!


Miz Teresa said…
Pat, the flower is beautiful and so are you! Even if the smile doesn't work properly, the blue eyes are shining. You are a brave woman!

Teresa (from St. Louis and knitting at Knit & Caboodle)
Miz Teresa said…
Pat, the flower is beautiful and so are you. The smile might be lopsided but the blue eyes are shining!

Teresa (from St. Louis and knitting at Knit & Caboodle)
Oh, thank you , Miz T, for your comments! I could just hug you!!

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