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Flower Power

Look what's blooming today! This photo (right) shows the largest bloom of our "Texas Choice" daylilies. Isn't it amazing? And, it has a lovely fragrance, too...which is unusual for such a large daylily. Thomas said this is definitely his favorite! It's planted under a platform bird feeder, in front of the fence on the side of our house...across from our bedroom window. We got these plants our second summer here (2004) from the Wine Country Gardens, aka "The Daylily Farm," in Defiance, MO (where Mom and I went this past week). In '04, we also bought a variety called "Chicago Comanche," which should be blooming very's planted by the mailbox, and I noticed yesterday that it was loaded with buds. I'll post pics of it, too.

Here is a photo (left) of one of our first purchases called "Dad's Best White." I had just watered this morning, so you can see the droplets. Isn't it a beauty? At present, it's in a te…

Kissin' Cousins

We had some visitors last week...Mom's first cousin, Jim and his wife Jo. Don't they all look wonderful?! We were so thrilled that they put us on their route, as we sometimes feel like we are so far out-of-the-way for friends and family to visit. It's just something about having to cross both the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers to find us...! We feel so remote from our Southeastern roots!

Mom said she felt like taking a little "day trip" this week, so we went to the Daylily Fest at the Wine Country Gardens in Defiance. We had such a lovely day! We strolled through the sales area, where most of the potted-up daylilies were in bloom...or getting there. Then, we had lunch on the Terrace, overlooking a lovely sloped area, planted in grapes. And, finally, we got one of the golf carts and zipped through the three acres of planted daylilies. Most of these had bloomed, but we enjoyed seeing some of the most interesting varieties still in full bloom, including the unus…

Wonderful Wednesday

Rolled outta bed at 6:13 this morning...feeling great! Ever had one of those mornings, when you've had a good night's sleep, and you can't wait to get going? Well, this was one of those!

First things first: coffee and cereal on the deck, where I enjoyed the birds and the squirrels. I'm on a mission to get a photo of this huge Blue Jay that partakes of our Bird Buffet several times each day. So I have my camera ready...but he's too quick/smart for me...and I take a lot of random pics. Can you tell what this photo is? We have one of those "face feeders" on the oak tree in the back yard, and I snapped this squirrel just after he (she?) had snatched a mouthful of seeds from the mouth of the Tree Feeder. Doesn't he look like he's saying "HEY?!" After such a good start to my day, I really revved it up. I watered the front and back yards, and all the new plants that went into pots on-and-around the front porch over the weekend. The transplanted d…

Sweater Complete

Woo-hoo! I finished this one-button green sweater last night! I had purchased a Nicky Knits kit at Hobby Lobby a while ago...bought it because I liked the color (a sage green) of the 100% mercerized yarn (which I had never knitted with), and because the kit was half-price (always a winner!), although I knew I wouldn't knit it up like the pattern suggested (of course not!). I modified (of course!) a Lion Brand pattern for a One-Button sweater, only knitting the pattern into the lower portion of the sweater and the sleeves. Then, when Maredith and I went to Knit, the yarn shop in Charleston, SC, while we were on vacation, I found the beautiful shell-like button I wanted to use. The pattern is rated as "easy," which is what I like when I'm traveling and knitting (which I did with this one), although I used a three-needle bind-off to join the shoulder seams for the first time, so I got to practice something new...always a plus. While it came out even better than I had ex…

The Bridge is Built

Hooray! Look what Thomas did this weekend!! The bridge is built, as are the newly-reworked pond and waterfall below it. Just what I've always wanted: a foot-bridge...and a pond...and waterfall...just like this. Oh, I can't stop looking at it...taking pictures of it...walking out on it, coffee cup in hand, leaning over the railing, pausing to look at the fish. Well, that last part is only practice, 'cause we haven't actually added the fish to the pond just yet. That comes next, along with some stain and paint to seal the wood, and some mulch and smaller stones on the ground to help hide the pond liner, etc. But don't you just love it? As you can probably tell from the photo, Thomas transplanted some of the daylilies, irises, and roses, so it looks like the bridge has been there for a couple of seasons already. In this picture, Elmo is "peeping" around the right side, coming back from his early morning patrol for squirrels and rabbits along the fence line. …

Life's a Beach!

We've just returned from our recent trip to the beach...Pawleys Island, SC via Charleston...possibly our most-favorite family vacation spot. No matter where we've lived, we always seem to return to this general area when we need to play in the sand and surf and soak up some history. We started going to the Litchfield Resort when we moved from NC to Ohio back in '90 and fell in love with it. Our time in NC had taught us that most folks from the Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem area headed to the Myrtle Beach, SC, area when they wanted to go to the beach. Seemed odd because NC has beautiful beaches, too. But, we found that Myrtle was just a bit more commercialized than we wanted to contend with...on vacation. So, we began to spend a week each summer about 30 miles south on Highway 17...and a complete world apart from Myrtle.

Pawleys Island is said to have been one of the first "vacation" retreats in this country, serving as an escape from the heat and humidity of…