Flower Power

Look what's blooming today! This photo (right) shows the largest bloom of our "Texas Choice" daylilies. Isn't it amazing? And, it has a lovely fragrance, too...which is unusual for such a large daylily. Thomas said this is definitely his favorite! It's planted under a platform bird feeder, in front of the fence on the side of our house...across from our bedroom window. We got these plants our second summer here (2004) from the Wine Country Gardens, aka "The Daylily Farm," in Defiance, MO (where Mom and I went this past week). In '04, we also bought a variety called "Chicago Comanche," which should be blooming very soon...it's planted by the mailbox, and I noticed yesterday that it was loaded with buds. I'll post pics of it, too.

Here is a photo (left) of one of our first purchases called "Dad's Best White." I had just watered this morning, so you can see the droplets. Isn't it a beauty? At present, it's in a temporary location, just off the deck...outside of the kitchen door. But, it seems to be happy, doesn't it?

And, this one (left) shows a beautiful bloom on what we assumed were Wayside Orange daylilies, (the ones that Thomas rescued from the creekbed behind our back fence and transplanted to the opposite side of our yard). Obviously, it's NOT the same as the other "rescues!" I've given it the name "Rescued Me" until I can figure out what it's true name is...

As you can tell, the flowers of Summer have arrived right along with the actual change of season this past week. It's already hot and humid on most days, making it difficult to work outside much past 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. for me. Thomas is a brave soul, though, as he is tackling rose and hedge trimming today. We had a brief (maybe...2 minutes, tops) rainshower earlier...less than an hour after I had finished watering, of course. And, the weather report calls for more rain to follow...we can use it, for sure, but that will probably make it even more humid. We're hoping for a respite this evening so that we can cook out on the grill and enjoy a fresh peach daiquiri on the deck...yum! At least, that's our current plan...

Here's one more shot of 3 beautiful "Texas Choice" blossoms...enjoy!


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