Wonderful Wednesday

Rolled outta bed at 6:13 this morning...feeling great! Ever had one of those mornings, when you've had a good night's sleep, and you can't wait to get going? Well, this was one of those!

First things first: coffee and cereal on the deck, where I enjoyed the birds and the squirrels. I'm on a mission to get a photo of this huge Blue Jay that partakes of our Bird Buffet several times each day. So I have my camera ready...but he's too quick/smart for me...and I take a lot of random pics. Can you tell what this photo is? We have one of those "face feeders" on the oak tree in the back yard, and I snapped this squirrel just after he (she?) had snatched a mouthful of seeds from the mouth of the Tree Feeder. Doesn't he look like he's saying "HEY?!"
After such a good start to my day, I really revved it up. I watered the front and back yards, and all the new plants that went into pots on-and-around the front porch over the weekend. The transplanted daylilies and irises around the new pond seem to be doing OK, but I can't say the same for the rose bush...it's looking "poorly." I made sure the rest of the roses got a good drenching with the soaker hose...and I just couldn't resist cutting a few (two Midas Touch buds, which are opening to the most beautiful golden yellow; several of the deep red buds; and, a couple of the First Prize pink buds), to join the first Shasta Daisies in a bud vase on the breakfast table. Is there anything more beautiful than roses and daisies together?

The garden got a good, long drink, too, which made it easy to plant a couple of eggplant (plants?)...by special request from Mom...and the remainder of the beans and lettuce...the first planting of both became bunny food, I guess. Pulled some weeds and then picked another round of yellow squash (does that make 15 so far?) and one more zucchini (still one shy of enough for zucchini bread). After that it was time to pot some more plants for the deck: Patio, cherry, and grape tomatoes...jalapeno, chili, and ornamental peppers...basil, oregano, and two varieties of parsley...all have new homes now. I'm using Bonnie Plants in the peat pots almost exclusively this year. I like the fact that you don't have a plastic pot to throw away, but the wrapper on the peat pot has a design flaw: it won't let go!

All of this before noon! Fortunately I had made up a big pitcher of iced tea 'cause I downed a quart after working outside all morning...ahhhh! A shower, some lunch, and I was ready to do some work in my office...inside...in the air conditioning, with a ceiling fan on "high." A trip to the P.O. and then the grocery this afternoon...a nice chicken salad for supper...the "indoor/outdoor" version of the game of "gimme that toy" with Gus and Elmo (of course, Duchess acts like she doesn't want to play...), and now I can relax with Baby Kimono #1, started last night.

What a wonderful Wednesday it has been!


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