Kissin' Cousins

We had some visitors last week...Mom's first cousin, Jim and his wife Jo. Don't they all look wonderful?! We were so thrilled that they put us on their route, as we sometimes feel like we are so far out-of-the-way for friends and family to visit. It's just something about having to cross both the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers to find us...! We feel so remote from our Southeastern roots!

Mom said she felt like taking a little "day trip" this week, so we went to the Daylily Fest at the Wine Country Gardens in Defiance. We had such a lovely day! We strolled through the sales area, where most of the potted-up daylilies were in bloom...or getting there. Then, we had lunch on the Terrace, overlooking a lovely sloped area, planted in grapes. And, finally, we got one of the golf carts and zipped through the three acres of planted daylilies. Most of these had bloomed, but we enjoyed seeing some of the most interesting varieties still in full bloom, including the unusual "Firestorm." As my birthday is around the corner, Mom bought me 3 pots of a new variety called "Sir Mordred," which hasn't yet bloomed this year. The plant-tag picture shows a deep maroon/purple flower, which should look nice in the front flower bed, near the Japanese Maple tree. Can't wait for it to bloom!

Wine Country Gardens has been a destination for Thomas and me on my July birthday every year since we moved here. We have purchased 1-4 varieties each year and are now benefiting from those purchases. Last year, we bought one called "Christmas Is," which was in bloom this week at the Gardens when Mom and I visited. I hope it will bloom for us here soon! Here's a photo (right)of a variety called "Rose Emily" we bought and planted in 2004. It's in the back yard, located near the back fence, between a bird feeder on its right and a buddleia ("butterfly bush") on its left. This is its second year to bloom for us, and it is a beautiful rose color with lemon yellow centers.

Then, here's a photo (left) of one of our 2006 purchases, "Blanche Brown," which has just bloomed in its temporary location near the back door. It's a lovely light yellow with an unusual burgundy center, as you can see in the picture. I'm thinking it might go very well if paired with the new Sir Mordred...once I actually see Sir M's color, that is. BB is now blooming right along side one called "Dad's Best White," which was our first purchase from the Gardens back in 2003. It's a creamy white color, and we will probably divide and relocate the divisions in front of the tall "wayside" orange daylilies that Thomas rescued from the creekbed behind our fence last year, where they weren't receiving the proper amount of sunlight in order to spur blooming. They are now huge...and blooming profusely (as shown in the photo of our new footbridge), obviously happy where are now growing. What is the saying? "Bloom where you are planted." Appropriate, eh?


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