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Winding Down the Month of February

Unbelievable.  Month #2 of 2012 is on its last week. Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday zipped right on by...leaving only Leap Day plus one left to rip off the calendar.

[An aside...I had a Stewart cousin whose birthday was on Leap Day.  Lib, who lived into her late eighties, was fond of saying she was usually the youngest in the room because she had "celebrated" the fewest actual birthday-days. And, when those days finally rolled around every 4 years, she was especially pleased when folks remembered her "special" day.]

Since I last posted, we have received our fruit tree order fromStark Bro's Nursery from Louisiana, Missouri.  We got the 11 bare-root trees planted into their new homes/holes in our Orchard quadrant in the WayBack Garden.  When I write "we," I really mean Mr. T...since I'm still pretty limited in my contributions.  I did mix the special root-boosting hormone concentrate into…

Cautiously Optimistic

I feel better.  Make that "much better." "Much, much better," even!  Of course, I'm comparing how I feel today to how I felt a couple-three weeks ago, when I couldn't get out of bed without major meds...and I couldn't function because of the fuzzy-head feeling from said meds.

Since then, I have had excellent results from a nerve block, and I'm pleased-as-punch with our new FIRM mattress set, which was delivered last week.  I now get up and get going with just a couple of Bayer Back and Body capsules these days...slap on a LidoDerm Patch, and I'm good to go!

Mr. T has returned to his regular work/travel schedule, after sticking close to home to be here for me during the worst of it. When he left for the funeral services for his manager (held in New York), Bro T was here from KY to be with me.  I have had such wonderful care!

So, of course, this makes me think I can resume life as caution flag.  Tote that laundry bag, lift that hound do…