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It's Good Riddance Day, 2012!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I've been waiting for this day for a while. December 28 is known as Good Riddance Day, when you get to say "so long" to anything and everything that has brought you down in the past 12 months.

Where do I begin?

OK, before I get started, you need to know that I'm not making this up. I've posted about Good Riddance Day a couple of years ago...and you can find a form to submit for the "official shred" in Times Square here:

Me? I'm making my own list, checking it twice...and firing up my own shredder. Sort of a Do It Yourself Celebration. Here Good Riddance List for 2012.

I bid a not-so-fond farewell to the following:

1. Bell's Palsy - My year would have been quite different, if I'd never heard those two words put together to make a person so miserable. I was diagnosed on Sunday, June 24th, and I am still dealing with the last, lingering effect…

Taking a Time Out

My timing is impeccable. Just when I don't want to...or need to, I find some poor, lost virus and give it a place to live for a few days.

Thought it was bronchitis. A nemesis from long ago. I actually haven't played host to a good bout in several years, so why not finish out 2012 in style? I must be at Platinum Level on my frequent-illness rewards program by now, don't you think?

Imagine my surprise to hear the results of my flu test from the doctor's office: Positive for Type A flu virus. What? Are you sure?! What about that flu shot I took last September? You know, the one y'all gave me?

I believe the last three days of fever have burned up the worst of the infection, so now I'm left coughing, sneezing, feeling weak and listless. Dr. offered me Tamiflu, but since I'm beyond the 48-hour window, she didn't have high, it sometimes makes people nauseated. Don't need that, thank you very much. I declined, and then opted for the prescripti…

Christmas is Coming!

It's that time of year to get the house all dressed in shades of red and green...the colors of Christmas. I know, I know...that's a traditional, some might say "old-fashioned," color combination. But it's what works for us. You may find an occasional gold ornament on our tree and a very-occasional blue bauble...and OK, a couple of purple ones...but I draw the line on teal (one of my personal fave colors otherwise) or mauve. No way, no how. No surprises here...we are all about "tradition!"

Well, we used to be. Time was that NO artificial tree was allowed in our house. Live...or nothing! Then, we got a three small "fake" trees for our ornament collections: one for my sheep, one for Nana/Momma/Edith's Santas, and one for Missy M's bears. OK, we survived the invasion.

And then, last year, when Mr. T and I were spending the Holidays in Looeyvul, I caved and bought a pre-lit tree for our dining room window (photo, left)...and the c…

Maxi Multi-Tasking

What an interesting day I've had! And it isn't over yet!

I had a Gardening article due to our County Horticulture agent today...and, with all of my meandering last week, well...I hadn't written it yet. Truth be told, I hadn't even started writing it yet. Oh, I guess that's not exactly right...I have given the topic (which I was assigned last January) a good bit of thought and consideration on how I was going to write it (theme, style, etc.). I probably "wrote" three or four passable articles in my head as I tried to keep my mind off the remaining number of miles to home on Saturday. But "pen to paper?" Nope...not as of 8:00 this morning.

So, with my deadline looming (hey, 11:59 p.m. Is STILL today, right?), I got my second cuppa coffee, fired up my PC and printer, and...decided to bake bread.

OK, some might call this procrastinating. I prefer to think of it as getting something out of my system. And, while I was writing the article, the bread co…