Taking a Time Out

My timing is impeccable. Just when I don't want to...or need to, I find some poor, lost virus and give it a place to live for a few days.

Thought it was bronchitis. A nemesis from long ago. I actually haven't played host to a good bout in several years, so why not finish out 2012 in style? I must be at Platinum Level on my frequent-illness rewards program by now, don't you think?

Imagine my surprise to hear the results of my flu test from the doctor's office: Positive for Type A flu virus. What? Are you sure?! What about that flu shot I took last September? You know, the one y'all gave me?

I believe the last three days of fever have burned up the worst of the infection, so now I'm left coughing, sneezing, feeling weak and listless. Dr. offered me Tamiflu, but since I'm beyond the 48-hour window, she didn't have high hopes...plus, it sometimes makes people nauseated. Don't need that, thank you very much. I declined, and then opted for the prescription cough medicine...the kind with hydrocodone. Wake me up when all this is over, will ya?

She said to expect 7-10 days of this misery ("unless it turns into pneumonia," which was said with more than a little concern...I guess even my doctor knows how my year has been trending, eh?), so I guess I won't make it back to "almost normal" by the weekend. Too bad, 'cause we were planning our Lunn Family Christmas on Sunday. A meet-up in Boone was on the docket. While we will be two shy of a whole family (as small as it is...:-), it will be good to meet-and-greet-and-eat with Bro and SIL J & J. Bro T won't be able to join us as SIL LaD is just now out of the hospital herself., and can't make the long drive from KY to NC. Missy M and the grand-dogs are scheduled to make their journey down the turnpike on Saturday...good Lord willin' and the crick don't rise. Now, I suppose we will have to aim for a New Years Lunn-feast.

Speaking of Missy M...she'll be headed home to a potential flu ward, as Mr. T just got his flu shot today. (What are our chances?) Her main concern? That she'll end up having to go to the grocery...and have to cook Christmas Dinner all by herself. Well, we're covered on one of those.

I am ever so thankful for online ordering and Express Lane service at Harris Teeter. I've waxed poetical about both the convenience and personal shopping experience our NC grocery offers. Well, folks, it's times like these that the $4.95 service charge seems like a drop in the proverbial ocean. Plus, they sent me a $5.00 Christmas coupon that will make any tiny bit of guilt vanish...poof!

Meanwhile, nothing else is getting done on my list. No cookies are being baked. No stockings are getting stuffed. No presents are getting wrapped. If it weren't for the beauty of the internet and UPS, FedEx, and USPS on-time delivery, I would really be in a pickle. Fortunately, I had placed all of my orders by last week, so things are arriving on the front porch with increasing regularity. I do have one handmade gift to finish...and one more to make, so I am feeling the push to get outta my sick bed...sooner rather than later. Surely I'll feel better by tomorrow...

I think I'll just have another cuppa tea with lotsa lemon. And stay in my time-out for a little while longer.

[Updated at 6:42p.m.]

P. S. I received this from the University of Memphis. Loved. It. Thought it might bring a smile to your face, too...


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