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"It's Not Easy Being Green!"

We're celebrating New Year's a little early this year. Mr. T., Missy M, and I had a wonderful time last night at The Fabulous Fox Theatre in STL, enjoying the musical Wicked. Have you been to see it yet? You should grab your broom and go! Here's what one reviewer said:
“A surefire hit! This sensational prequel to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is the kind of grand musical Broadway has been missing for years. A terrific evening!” --Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC-TV

The cast of characters/actors were superb, and the music was fantastic...even though the accoustics in the STL Fox are...well, let's be kind and just say "somewhat less than ideal." The weather outside was frightful...oh, wait...that's another song, isn't it? Anyway, we braved the cold, the rain, and the fog...and the road closures in and around STL (something quite awful...nearly every major highway or by-way is either closed or closing or so torn up due to construction that the City appears to have been bombed re…

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas FO's!!!

I finished! And, before the Fat Man came down the chimney, too!! The photo to the right shows the Christmas Finished Objects (FO's) that were wrapped up and under the tree on 12/25/07:
In the back, draped over the chair, is Nana's Prayer Shawl, using Lion Brand's Homespun in Barrington, knitted with a strand of worsted weight, plum-colored yarn to give it weight. I used the pattern in Debbie Macomber's latest book, Back on Blossom Street, for the Triangular Prayer Shawl...and added fringe on three sides, to serve as woven prayer beads.On the left is M's Felted Mobeius Bowl with added I-cord accent, knitted in Cascade's 220 Quatro, Number 9434. I used the pattern for the largest bowl in Cat Bordhi's book, A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting. I got both the book and the yarn in Lawrenceville, GA at The Yarn Garden.Continuing on around the photo, lower right, are the socks I knitted for M. using the Duet Sock Yarncalled Middy from A Swell Yarn Shop(online). …

Oh, What a Christmas!

We are so blessed...and so thankful for all our blessings! Not only did Santa load up both Christmas trees (!) with goodies, we also had the pleasure of welcoming our former neighbors to help us in celebrating the Holidays. After all, the Season is all about remembering the birth of the Christ Child by sharing love and joy with family and friends...and we certainly did just that!

Their five-year-old, shown in the photo to the right, in the Santa's Elf Hat (AKA the Elvis Hat...needed in order to be an official deliverer of Christmas presents) is like our pretend grandchild...he even calls Nana "Nana." I can't tell you how very much we have missed them since they moved to IL a couple of years ago...and how precious the time we do get to spend with them is.

What a fun time we had on Christmas Eve Eve! For our dinner, I tried out my version of Rachael Ray's Orange Balsamic Chicken (she used Cornish Game Hens; I used chicken breasts and legs, which I browned in the EVOO…

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

We got home on Sunday night from the weekend in Louisville and look what we found! Snow!! Officially, they say that Lambert (the airport in STL) got 7 1/4 inches...the most snow since 2000, which means this is the most since we have been here. It looked so beautiful, especially with the Christmas decorations (see the photo of the front of our house, right)! Of course, it's a pain to shovel and sweep walkways...which is the first thing Mr. T had to do on the deck in order for the dogs to go into the backyard. They hate to have that cold wet stuff on their bellies...and other parts. Of course, they had been at the Bed 'n Biscuit, so they were ready to run around the backyard to see what had happened since they had been away from home!

On Monday morning, we stuck this ruler (left) into the snow piled on top of the patio table, just to see what it would say...and, after a couple of days of minor melting, we still had nearly 6 inches to measure.

Speaking of the weekend in Louisville…

Christmas FO's:Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone...

Sneak a peek at some of my Christmas FO's: 2 Pairs of Sox for 2 Sisters-in-law and an Irish Hiking Hat for Brother T, finished at 1:00 this morning! Woo-hoo!!

I used Kentucky Blue 4-ply Regia Superwash Sock Wool for L, my KY sister-in-law, knitted in a K2, P2 rib, with a long cuff to fold down. Of course, they could also be called Memphis Tiger Blue, couldn't they?

I used a lovely Forrest Green Regia Sock yarn for J, my TN sister-in-law. Not a school color, but just a color that I thought she might like to wear with jeans, etc. Then, to make it personal, I used a pattern in the One Skein Wondersbook that had been submitted from the Haus of Yarn in Nashville (where J lives)'s a subtle Slipped Rib pattern that doesn't show up well in the photo (right), but is pretty in person...and easy to memorize. I liked the pattern so much that I used it for...oh, I can't tell about that just yet.

And, as modeled by Ted E. Bear, I used a Pine Green Paton's Pure Wool to knit…

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I absolutely love this time of the year! As you can probably tell from the photo (left), we collect Nutcrackers for display...our collection numbers 45 at the moment...and putting them out & about is one of the first things we do when we start decorating for Christmas. You can see only a few of them in this photo, as they not only cover the mantle...they have spilled over onto the entertainment center...and onto the sofa table in front of the bay window.

You may not notice it, but take a good look at the lower right portion of the photo (you may have to click on it to enlarge it)...see the white figure? It's difficult to make out, but that's a ceramic of the Holy Family, made by Thomas' Mom more than a decade ago. Mrs. Adsit passed on in January 2002, but we keep her memory alive when we display this, along with the ceramic nativity set she made for us (which is also displayed on the coffee table, but not visible in this photo).

The right-most stocking hanging on the ma…