"It's Not Easy Being Green!"

We're celebrating New Year's a little early this year. Mr. T., Missy M, and I had a wonderful time last night at The Fabulous Fox Theatre in STL, enjoying the musical Wicked. Have you been to see it yet? You should grab your broom and go! Here's what one reviewer said:
“A surefire hit! This sensational prequel to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is the kind of grand musical Broadway has been missing for years. A terrific evening!” --Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC-TV

The cast of characters/actors were superb, and the music was fantastic...even though the accoustics in the STL Fox are...well, let's be kind and just say "somewhat less than ideal." The weather outside was frightful...oh, wait...that's another song, isn't it? Anyway, we braved the cold, the rain, and the fog...and the road closures in and around STL (something quite awful...nearly every major highway or by-way is either closed or closing or so torn up due to construction that the City appears to have been bombed recently), and we were rewarded with a great performance...and a lovely evening together as a family. [Nana/Momma/Edith had opted out of this evening back in September when I got the tickets.]

Here we are (photo, left) after the performance ended. We "borrowed" a tall-ish cash register to serve as a tripod and snapped this shot in the hallway, as we were leaving our seats. The lighting was awful...and my photo editing software can only do so much with what it has to work with (!), but we were all together, and that's what counts.

Happy New Year to one and all!


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