Christmas FO's:Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone...

Sneak a peek at some of my Christmas FO's: 2 Pairs of Sox for 2 Sisters-in-law and an Irish Hiking Hat for Brother T, finished at 1:00 this morning! Woo-hoo!!

I used Kentucky Blue 4-ply Regia Superwash Sock Wool for L, my KY sister-in-law, knitted in a K2, P2 rib, with a long cuff to fold down. Of course, they could also be called Memphis Tiger Blue, couldn't they?

I used a lovely Forrest Green Regia Sock yarn for J, my TN sister-in-law. Not a school color, but just a color that I thought she might like to wear with jeans, etc. Then, to make it personal, I used a pattern in the One Skein Wonders book that had been submitted from the Haus of Yarn in Nashville (where J lives)'s a subtle Slipped Rib pattern that doesn't show up well in the photo (right), but is pretty in person...and easy to memorize. I liked the pattern so much that I used it for...oh, I can't tell about that just yet.

And, as modeled by Ted E. Bear, I used a Pine Green Paton's Pure Wool to knit up the Irish Hiking Hat, based on the pattern from Nik's Knits website (free PDF download...just have to look for it in the column on the right). T is an outdoors kinda guy, so I hope he will enjoy this warm woolie. I blocked it overnight on the glass Cheryl's Cookie jar we have in the kitchen...which doesn't hold cookies but microwave popcorn packs...and that worked well to set the cable pattern stitches.
Watch for an update with photos of other FO's for the family...after they are opened on Christmas, of course!


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