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What a Good Weekend We Enjoyed

I imagine that my definition of a "good" weekend and your definition might be a bit different. Let's see how ours went...

From Purple to Peach: We got a huge step ahead on getting Nana/Momma/Edith's room redecorated. You might recall that she is visiting J&J in TN for a couple of weeks, so we took advantage of her absence to get her room re-painted (so she won't have to breath in all those nasty paint fumes). In the photo (right), Mr. T is using our *favorite* painting roller "system" called the PaintStick to quickly apply the first...and ONLY...coat of Kilz' Casual Color A7, "Apricot Glow" over the previously-purple walls. (My job was to do the cutting-in...not nearly as exciting, huh?) How does he stay so clean? I always get more paint on me (and other surfaces...more on that later) than I do on the walls. Sigh. Anyway, I discovered this paint at WalMart the other said it was a TRUE one-coat coverage brand. And, since we were…

100 Years...A Very Happy Birthday Indeed!

What a wonderful time we had on Sunday! We traveled to Tennessee to help Cousin Allene celebrate her 100th birthday. In the photo to the left, Nana/Momma/Edith shares her best wishes with the Birthday Girl in her beautiful home at an afternoon open house, that welcomed more than a hundred friends and relatives.

I thought and thought and thought. What do you get someone who has everything...or, could buy whatever she wants or needs? I knew I had to be a little creative with this one! First, I found a 1908 nickel. Then, I researched the year of her birth and created a card with the following highlights:

January 1, 1908 - A ball drops in NYC's Times Square for the first time.
January 12 - A long distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.
March 21 - Frenchmen Henri Farman pilots the first passenger flight.
September 27 - Henry Ford produces his first Model T automobile.
October 14 - The Chicago Cubs win the World Series (for the last time...:).

I framed the coi…

This and That

Mr. T and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary last week...woo-hoo! It's certainly been a great ride and a wonderful adventure. Who would have thought when we exchanged our vows in Jackson, MS, 32 years ago that we would be toasting this particular celebration with our Buds at Cardinal Stadium? Of course, who would have thought that we would have celebrated six anniversaries in MO??? Ain't life amazing?

Here's a photo of the beautiful roses that he gave me (right)...they looked so fabulous on the dining room table, which is decorated in red, white, and blue (for Memorial Day through Labor Day). The only sad note is that roses like these have been so over-developed for their beauty that they have lost all their scent. Never fear...we have some gorgeous red Chrysler Imperials blooming on the back fence...and they smell wonderful!!

Speaking of Cardinal Stadium...

I missed going to Stitch 'n Pitch this year, as the organizers moved the date to the same week that we already had …