What a Good Weekend We Enjoyed

I imagine that my definition of a "good" weekend and your definition might be a bit different. Let's see how ours went...

  • From Purple to Peach: We got a huge step ahead on getting Nana/Momma/Edith's room redecorated. You might recall that she is visiting J&J in TN for a couple of weeks, so we took advantage of her absence to get her room re-painted (so she won't have to breath in all those nasty paint fumes). In the photo (right), Mr. T is using our *favorite* painting roller "system" called the PaintStick to quickly apply the first...and ONLY...coat of Kilz' Casual Color A7, "Apricot Glow" over the previously-purple walls. (My job was to do the cutting-in...not nearly as exciting, huh?) How does he stay so clean? I always get more paint on me (and other surfaces...more on that later) than I do on the walls. Sigh. Anyway, I discovered this paint at WalMart the other day...it said it was a TRUE one-coat coverage brand. And, since we were going to prime the walls with Kilz (which we have learned to tint with the paint color), we thought we'd give the Kilz paint a try. Woo-hoo! It's a keeper!! Although we had to purchase 2 gallons for the bedroom (because the handy-dandy PaintStick takes nearly 1/4 can just to fill the stick and the roller the first time), we only used one coat...and had about 2/3 of the second gallon left over. It looks so pretty! Today, I'm sewing a valance for the window, and if I have any fabric left over, I'll stitch up a pillow or two also. Then, I'll pull it all together with new sheets in Antique Linen and quilted coverlet in Shell. I'll post a picture of the finished product later on this week.

  • Doggie Spa Day: We loaded up the pups for a short ride to the groomers for a much-needed Spa Day...or, as I sometimes call it "Fluff & Fold." Although it will take Elmo (right, in the picture to the right) two days to recover from the trauma, they all look...and SMELL...so much better! And, we don't have to listen to their nails click-click-click on the floors, either, since they all got peticures! Here, you see Mr. T taking the Drool Gang for the pre-ride fear-poop walk. You might notice that Duchess (left, in the picture to the right) has made her contribution(s), hence the tell-tale blue bag...and the smile on her face...:)

  • All Work and No Play Ain't Ever a Good Day: While the dogs were away for several hours on Sunday, we grabbed the opportunity to visit a favorite, Wine Country Gardens in Defiance, MO...which I usually just call "the daylily farm." Wow....what fabulous changes they have incorporated for 2008. They now have a huge air conditioned dining area and pavilion to replace the stand-up counter in the cafe. They've nearly doubled their outside eating area, adding to the covered porches a patio that overlooks the Missouri River valley. Everything was so green...and fortunately the Missouri hadn't (yet) flooded the fields below. We enjoyed the Rosemary Chicken Salad on croissants...with the tastiest *hot* fresh potato chips on the side. [We would have indulged in the wine, too, but were afraid that we wouldn't be alert enough , shall we say, to finish our painting activities back home. Too bad. I guess that means that we shall return...and soon!] We limited our shopping to the main area, foregoing the fun ride in the golf cart out to the daylily acres (I told you...we need to go back for that!). No worries...we loaded up our wagon with plants: 2 Dad's Best White, 2 Grape Magic (purple), 2 Charles Johnston (red), and 1 Upper Crust Peach daylilies; a huge coleus for an actual shady spot in the front yard; a pot of Shasta daisies; and some interesting varigated sweet iris. The really good news...we got home in time to get everything in the ground. I'll post some photos of the newest daylilies when they bloom...which should be soon, very soon indeed.

  • Pick Up the Sticks: I also got back to work on my Bliss-ful Three-Stripes Cardigan, when I picked up the sticks to watch the newest "Inspector Lewis" on Masterpiece Theatre (thanks to Missy M for calling us to alert us to the Sunday schedule...love it, love it, love it! Follow the link to see clips of the 3 in Series 1). I've been trying to finish a few of those UFO's that got stuck at the bottom of the project bag. Here, in the photo, are a couple of pairs of baby socks out of some Jeannette left-overs (fabulous cotton yarn...bought it in Pawleys Island, SC, a couple of years ago; made baby sweaters for twins with the majority of it) and another beaded crocheted bracelet. I do love it when I can move some stragglers to the "Done" list, don't you?

  • Drop cloth...what drop cloth: And, even though it didn't exactly feel "good" at the time, I may have hastened the installation of those wood floors I've been contemplating for the dining room and den (she said, sheepishly). I was headed downstairs to clean the paint brushes, etc., when Mr. T's sharp intake of breath alerted me to impending disaster. It seems that I was dripping peach-colored paint from the Paintstick onto the beige carpeting...no, not dripping...I was swirling it in a Jackson Pollack-inspired design! We grabbed cleaning supplies and started to work at removing it...and, giving him credit, Mr. T did a fantastic job of removing most of it, after about the 4th or 5th attempt (I gave up after about the 2nd try). I don't suppose anyone will ever believe me when I say that I didn't do that on purpose. Hmmm...now, what color wood floor would look best...?


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