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A New Month...a New Direction

What a difference a couple of months can make!

When last I wrote, we were concerned with managing expenses in retirement by becoming Cord Cutters [which worked out fairly well, thanks to our fiber-fast Internet service we still get from NorthState (our former cable and telephone company), an Internet-enabled device called a Roku, the Internet-streaming service called Sling, Netflix, and Over The Air (OTA) "local" channels that our attic-mounted ChannelMaster antenna brings in]. Looking back, that seems so mundane compared to how we've been spending our time lately. Now? It's a whole different ballgame, folks. And I'm not referring to the World Series. (Go Cubs!)
After a series of seemingly random events (more on that in an upcoming post), we came to the conclusion that it was time to put our Retirement Transition Plan into motion. Saying it like that is somewhat misleading...since it gives the impression that we actually had a Retirement Transition Plan, complete…