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Bell's Palsy Update — Day 1,461

(Yikes! I'm 3 weeks late with this post. I thought it had been published on 6/24/16, but the miracle of technology was not working in my favor. I discovered today that it was still sitting in the "Draft" queue. Ah well...better late than...well, you know.)
Four years ago today, I experienced what was possibly the worst day of my life.* In case you have just joined our adventures, you probably could do with a recap: after a few frightening hours on an otherwise beautiful Sunday while visiting Missy M in Louisville, I was diagnosed with a neurological condition known as Bell's Palsy, which in my case affected the left side of my face. If you'd like all the can revisit my original post on the subject and read forward, starting here: Go ahead...I'll wait.
Fast forward to 2014. At the two-year anniversary, I wrote about my realization of how I had moved from "recovering from Bell…