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I do so love the month of January. The calendar's way of allowing us a mulligan. And I have been taking advantage of every opportunity for a do-over.

I have taken over the front bedroom for my office...and eventually for my crafting/sewing room, while still preserving it as a guest room. Mr. T moved my desk...once again...from the Morning Room, where it was convenient but obtrusive. It will take me a few more weeks to get my "new" room set up the way I want it to matter, I'm on the right track with this move.

Additionally, I've rearranged the furniture in the great room...once again...and I think this way might just be what the dr. ordered. This room is large...and octagonally-shaped...and nearly impossible to arrange furniture with the way the doors, windows, wet bar, fireplace, and outlets are placed. Ah well, gotta love a challenge, right?

[Of course, you may recall that we aren't supposed to be rearranging anything, since we have a blind dog in r…

A Fun Saturday...For One...

The third Saturday in January...snow on the ground is melting, daffodils are starting to bloom 2 months early...must be time for the Annual Seed Savers Swap in Old Salem!

Sponsored by Slow Foods Piedmont and the NC Extension Master Gardeners of Forsyth County, this is quickly becoming a good draw for area home gardeners...and anyone who is interested in saving and sharing heritage seeds. We went last year and had such a good time that I eagerly noted the date on my 2013 calendar. I even made my Mount Carmel Pasta Salad (with broccoli from our garden...:-) to take as our contribution to the Pot Luck Lunch.

Alas, there would be no "we" this year, as Mr. T is recovering from an odd occurrence on Thursday. Well, getting a tooth pulled isn't all that odd, although at our age it is usually preceded by and followed by a good deal of pain. The odd thing was WHY he had to go through this in the first place.

He's been experiencing increasing pain in/under a crowned molar. It…

Two Birds...One Photo

Just finished weaving in (remember: I hate weaving in the yarn tails...:-) and sewing on the buttons. My Shawl-Collared Cowl* is done! Whatcha think?!

Thought I'd share a photo or two with you...and then I realized that I've neglected taking Documentation Photos to show my progress with Bell's Palsy. Why? Because all I had to say about it at this point was "infinitesimal improvement." Hard to say...hard to show.

But, here I am at the beginning of Week Month 7, and I guess I should record my thoughts...and share them with you, since you've been along for this roller-coaster ride, too. I still am captive to the facial paralysis that is Bell's, on the left side of my face, but it has receded all the way from TERRIFYING to MERELY ANNOYING. When I'm tired, my speech is challenged, and I do slur words with P, B, F, and S...the Faulty Four, as always. But, I have "graduated" from twice-weekly Speech Therapy to the DIY version. My recent bou…

Starting Off A Little Slowly

January is half over...and I haven't shared the pics of the beautiful quilt Missy M made us for Christmas. I feel like this year is flying by...but I'm trudging through quick sand. Sigh. Oh well, better late than never, right?

Isn't that quilt just beautiful? Aren't those colors gorgeous? Aren't we the luckiest parents in the Universe?!

OK. Back to Earth. I've got one thing to say about getting the flu, when you have already taken a flu shot. If the flu shot fails to provide the protection you thought it would, do NOT buy it when told that "your case of flu may be milder." Nope. Couldn't prove that by me. It has been 4 weeks since I started with the aches, cough, and fever of Type A influenza...and I'm just now starting to feel that I'm on the right road to recovery.

I had a couple of false "stops" along the way...thinking I was finally, finally feeling better...only to start running fever again. And my cough just lingered...noth…

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year to all! We are starting this New Year off about you?

It is said you will enjoy a good year ahead, based on what you eat on January 1st. Here are the Good Luck foods we try to include...and why:

Pork is eaten in the American South to promote prosperity in the coming year. Why? It is said that pigs are "fat and happy," and that they root for their food, continuously moving forward, making progress. Unlike chickens and other fowl...who scratch the earth and move backward when searching for food.Round fruits (apples, oranges, grapes, cherries, etc.) are considered lucky due to their round shapes...reminiscent of coins...and their sweetness. Many cultures say to eat 12 of a particular fruit...and if the 4th one is very sweet, say, then the corresponding month (April) will be a particularly sweet month in the coming year.Black-eyed peas are another Southern good luck food, due to their resemblance to pennies...and their abundance in gardens. When combine…