Two Birds...One Photo

Just finished weaving in (remember: I hate weaving in the yarn tails...:-) and sewing on the buttons. My Shawl-Collared Cowl* is done! Whatcha think?!

Thought I'd share a photo or two with you...and then I realized that I've neglected taking Documentation Photos to show my progress with Bell's Palsy. Why? Because all I had to say about it at this point was "infinitesimal improvement." Hard to say...hard to show.

But, here I am at the beginning of Week Month 7, and I guess I should record my thoughts...and share them with you, since you've been along for this roller-coaster ride, too. I still am captive to the facial paralysis that is Bell's, on the left side of my face, but it has receded all the way from TERRIFYING to MERELY ANNOYING. When I'm tired, my speech is challenged, and I do slur words with P, B, F, and S...the Faulty Four, as always. But, I have "graduated" from twice-weekly Speech Therapy to the DIY version. My recent bout with the flu did set me back a bit, but I'm returning to a regular routine now. And, I think it shows.

I felt confident enough in my improved speaking ability as well as my appearance to volunteer to do a Master Gardener presentation last week...and it went well. I knew I still had Bell's...but I don't think anyone else was aware...except possibly the other EMGV, who knew what I sounded like "before."

Anyway, I put on my new cowl this morning and snapped some shots...documenting both my improvement as well as my "achievement."

So here they are: Smile! and Big Smile!!...which were easy to do in my newest Finished Object!!!

*Pattern for the Shawl-Collared Cowl purchased from Never Not Knitting:


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