Starting Off A Little Slowly

January is half over...and I haven't shared the pics of the beautiful quilt Missy M made us for Christmas. I feel like this year is flying by...but I'm trudging through quick sand. Sigh. Oh well, better late than never, right?

Isn't that quilt just beautiful? Aren't those colors gorgeous? Aren't we the luckiest parents in the Universe?!

OK. Back to Earth. I've got one thing to say about getting the flu, when you have already taken a flu shot. If the flu shot fails to provide the protection you thought it would, do NOT buy it when told that "your case of flu may be milder." Nope. Couldn't prove that by me. It has been 4 weeks since I started with the aches, cough, and fever of Type A influenza...and I'm just now starting to feel that I'm on the right road to recovery.

I had a couple of false "stops" along the way...thinking I was finally, finally feeling better...only to start running fever again. And my cough just lingered...nothing seemed to get rid of it. Still, late last week, I was scheduled to give the Master Gardener "Creating a Butterfly Garden" presentation to a local garden first gig since about this time last year. I had accepted the assignment back around Thanksgiving, when I was so thrilled with my progress in my Speech Therapy and my battle with Bell's Palsy...and wanting to get my life back on track. Getting the flu in mid-December was not a part of my plan.

As late as Monday, I worried that I might not be up to the task. But, I had made the commitment, and I intended to keep it. Then...

Duche$$ got sick. Big time. I had very little sleep over the next 3 days, having to be up all-hours with her. I won't say it...I will not say it...oh well, we are all thinking it: what next?

Miraculously, I was able to keep my commitment...and all went well. Duche$$ perked back up, and my cough and fever both died back down. Hooray! We both are still improving, with me faring better than she.

While recovering from the flu, I was able to finish my first knitting project of the be honest, the first in a while. I did make several scarves on my triangle loom (remember, I took that class in Asheville, back in October?). But, I haven't been knitting much. I know, I know...just doesn't seem quite right, does it?

Three skeins of yarn let me know they wanted to party together in a Mardi Gras scarf...which looked like it would bring a smile to friend JA's face. And, happily, this simple project seems to have unlocked my need to have the needles clicking.

This weekend, I finished this Shawl-Collared Cowl, which is now on the blocking pad. I'll sew the buttons in place tomorrow and call it complete. Check off Project #2 for 2013!

At this rate, I may get my life back on track...hopefully, before we change calendars again!


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