I do so love the month of January. The calendar's way of allowing us a mulligan. And I have been taking advantage of every opportunity for a do-over.

I have taken over the front bedroom for my office...and eventually for my crafting/sewing room, while still preserving it as a guest room. Mr. T moved my desk...once again...from the Morning Room, where it was convenient but obtrusive. It will take me a few more weeks to get my "new" room set up the way I want it to be...no matter, I'm on the right track with this move.

Additionally, I've rearranged the furniture in the great room...once again...and I think this way might just be what the dr. ordered. This room is large...and octagonally-shaped...and nearly impossible to arrange furniture with the way the doors, windows, wet bar, fireplace, and outlets are placed. Ah well, gotta love a challenge, right?

[Of course, you may recall that we aren't supposed to be rearranging anything, since we have a blind dog in residence. It took Elmo two whole days to get comfortable having the sofa in a different spot...and then, get comfy he did!]

Most importantly, I have finally taken control of my knitting, starting first with taking count of all my projects in process. Final tally: 13. Thirteen. Good grief! I have never, ever claimed to be a monogamous knitter. And frankly, I'm afraid I don't really understand how a knitter can only have one project going at a time. Each project requires different levels of concentration. There are projects you can knit while watching tv or a concert; there are projects that require all of your focus...so you risk having to frog if you attempt to knit while distracted; and there are projects with both elements. Hence, the need to have different projects to pick up at different times.

But thirteen Unfinished Objects? I realized that I was developing a terrible habit of starting a project because of the thrill of the Start. My friend JS recently sent me the following on Facebook...see if you recognize moi...or possibly vous...

So, now I want all of my kniticipation to come from the finish of my projects. So far, I've experienced the thrill of the Finish with a baby outfit for Lily and with my Shawl-Collared Cowl. And I'm on the brink of finishing my Basil Leaf Vest, which has been on my needles since 2011. I worked on this vest while Momma was at Hospice Home, and then I put it aside. Couldn't knit another stitch on it.

All my angst subsided when I took inventory of my UFOs. This was one I wanted to complete...for me. And it no longer seemed to be able to cause me sadness or painful memories, other than by being unfinished.

It's on the blocking board now...I'll publish pix of the Finished Object soon. Promise!

And then the count will be down to a manageable 10. Which if you are binary instead of base 10, is only 2, right?



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