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Busy Week Recap

Whew! I needed a weekend, how about you? Thinking back over the events of the past week, I can see why I might be feeling just a tad on the tired side. Here's the recap:

1. Working in the garden to prepare for our area's First Frost took several some pretty challenging windy conditions, always an energy zapper. Read more about those activities on our Garden here to go there.

2. Putting on my Extension Master Gardener Volunteer hat...well, actually a name badge and a prep and present a program on Winter Interest Gardening to a local garden club took a few hours, too. I have been out of the Speakers Bureau harness for a few months, so this was a treat, especially since I got to team up with an EMGV and HP friend. And, the icing on the cake was a review and recap lunch and equipment hand-off with SB chair and good friend (EMGV & otherwise!), JA.

3. Making a mad dash to Winston-Salem to attend a "lunch-and-learn" garden workshop a…

Let's Try This Again

I know I've said it before: I'm nothing if not persistent. Ner (the family's affectionate nickname for Nelle Rhea Stewart, my step great-grandmother) drilled it into my head:
If at first you don't succeedtry, try again.
So, I knew we had to give Abbie's puppy training another try. I realized this as I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing the blood off my arms in preparation for spraying my newest wounds with Bactine. I also knew I'd rather be beaten with a stick. Sigh.
What? That sweet little (almost 50-pound) puppy? 

Vicious?? Say it ain't so!
Back in late July, we signed Abbie up for Puppy Training at our local PetSmart. I met with the trainer and explained how skittish she was around other we couldn't even take her for a walk around the neighborhood because she tried to (a) lunge at people who just wanted to "meet & greet" or (b) run away if another dog was anywhere in the picture. And although Abbie is as smart as a whip, …

A Shoe Drops

Waiting...waiting...waiting. For another shoe to fall...this Fall. One of my least favorite activities, as we all know...happening in one of my most favorite seasons. Makes it hard to enjoy all the beauty of this special time of the year (like that sunflower, right). Alas, as this is the Year of Suspended Animation at Casa 3917, that seems to be all we have been doing. Until now.

One of the other shoes dropped on Monday, so to speak. Looks like we have some forward motion. But, first, the back story...

Mr. T. spent last work-week on his MD-DC-VA "run," ending up at the Norfolk dealership on Thursday afternoon for their annual Fish Fry...a public event that attracts the World and his maiden aunt in that area. After having to endure some less-than-perfect weather conditions and stand up for about 4 hours straight (made a little more palatable by having all the beer one could drink with all the seafood one could consume), he called his orthopedic surgeon on the drive home on F…

Warming Up

Interesting title, you say? Could I be referring to the weather...or, to the Braves relief pitcher getting ready to come in for the last 4 outs? Or, possibly something else entirely?

The weather is warming up after a lovely week of daytime temps in the 70's/nighttime temps in the 50's. Thoroughly enjoyed the cooler weather while it lasted. And know it will return, sooner rather than later. But for the moment, we are stuck with the 80's...and a much more active central AC system. And having to live with a garden trying to make the transition from Warm Season to Cool Season. (Click here to check out the latest post on our garden blog, Gardening With The Giants.).
Oh, it was a joy to watch the sheer efficiency with which Kimbrell (the Braves primo closer) dispatched the Dodger hitters in the 9th tonight. Last night's NLDS Game 1 was a heart-breaker, with the Braves losing at home 6-1. Tonight the score was in our favor at 4-3. Believe me when I say, I was exhausted when t…