A Shoe Drops

Happy Fall, Y'all!
Waiting...waiting...waiting. For another shoe to fall...this Fall. One of my least favorite activities, as we all know...happening in one of my most favorite seasons. Makes it hard to enjoy all the beauty of this special time of the year (like that sunflower, right). Alas, as this is the Year of Suspended Animation at Casa 3917, that seems to be all we have been doing. Until now.

One of the other shoes dropped on Monday, so to speak. Looks like we have some forward motion. But, first, the back story...

Mr. T. spent last work-week on his MD-DC-VA "run," ending up at the Norfolk dealership on Thursday afternoon for their annual Fish Fry...a public event that attracts the World and his maiden aunt in that area. After having to endure some less-than-perfect weather conditions and stand up for about 4 hours straight (made a little more palatable by having all the beer one could drink with all the seafood one could consume), he called his orthopedic surgeon on the drive home on Friday to get an appointment on Monday to have the accumulated fluid drained from his left knee. Friday afternoons are also the time for his "regular" physical therapy appointments, which haven't exactly been pleasant experiences either.

When Monday morning rolled around, the conversation with his doctor apparently moved from the procedure with Mr. T's knee (more painful, each time this is done) to next steps with his (right) shoulder (same doctor; both problems). Truth be told, there is ONLY one step left: surgery. And, it will be scheduled before the end of the month. Waiting (once again...) to hear back from the surgery center about the day and time.

So, what are we looking at here? Not sure exactly. What we do know is the surgery will be both arthroscopic and outpatient. What is still up-in-the-air is the extent of the repair needed...which will tell us the amount of time needed for recovery and rehabilitation. Won't know that until the actual surgery happens. Dr. says to count on 3-4 months of that type of  R & R...and from all indications, the PT is pretty ummmm..., strenuous.

And, the plan now is, when Mr. T. has attained a "successful" recovery and rehabilitation of his right shoulder, he'll be scheduled for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) of his left knee. Another 3-4 months of recovery and rehabilitation...and pretty ummmm..., strenuous physical therapy.

An eagle-eyed reader probably caught the phrase "one of the other shoes" in the opening paragraphs. Yes, to follow the analogy through, we appear to have more than the usual two feet in the fire. But, I'll play this hand close to the vest, for once, and save the rest of story for another post. Enough clich├ęd phrases for you? Thought so. Moving on...

So, where does that leave me? Looks like I'll need to dust off my trusty caregiver's uniform. "In sickness and in health," and all that. Although, since we wrote our own marriage vows, I don't think we actually said those exact words 37 years ago...still, we said something to that effect. The meaning was implied if not stated: you take care of me, I'll take care of you. Period.
And, while I'm not the best nurse around, I intend to cling tight to my philosophy...instilled in me from an early age by my Daddy...that I can do anything I put my mind to.

And, if I falter in that belief, there's always: Keep Calm...and Garden On!


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