Warming Up

Interesting title, you say? Could I be referring to the weather...or, to the Braves relief pitcher getting ready to come in for the last 4 outs? Or, possibly something else entirely?

The weather is warming up after a lovely week of daytime temps in the 70's/nighttime temps in the 50's. Thoroughly enjoyed the cooler weather while it lasted. And know it will return, sooner rather than later. But for the moment, we are stuck with the 80's...and a much more active central AC system. And having to live with a garden trying to make the transition from Warm Season to Cool Season. (Click here to check out the latest post on our garden blog, Gardening With The Giants.).

Oh, it was a joy to watch the sheer efficiency with which Kimbrell (the Braves primo closer) dispatched the Dodger hitters in the 9th tonight. Last night's NLDS Game 1 was a heart-breaker, with the Braves losing at home 6-1. Tonight the score was in our favor at 4-3. Believe me when I say, I was exhausted when the game was over.

No, the "warming up" I am referring to is how I would describe the bit of decorating I did today. Once the calendar rolled over to October, I began to feel the need to visit the orange boxes in the attic...the ones that hold the decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

We are somewhat restricted in what we can comfortably bring downstairs (and then carry back up at the end of the "season")...remembering Mr. T's shoulder and knee problems and my own back issues. Plus we are mindful that, by the end of this month, Mr. T may be either scheduling surgery for his shoulder or recovering from the same...meaning it will be mois who will be packing up and returning boxes to the attic. So, some discretion needed to be the better part of the 2013 Fall decorating plan.

And that's how I happened to cut the number of boxes in half and go straight to Thanksgiving with almost no notice of October 31st. The stuffed turkey centerpiece...pilgrim salt & pepper shakers, chair covers, and mantle nutcrackers...autumn-colored silk leaves...and a welcome-mat that says "Give Thanks." Yep. We are ready for Turkey Day!

And yet...

How can we not hang the decades-old ghost windsocks on the porch lights? How can we not have at least one lighted jack-o-lantern in the front window? How can we not have some colorful "mumkins" (pumpkin-decorated pots that hold potted mums) on the front steps? Surely a few Halloween decorations can come down the stairs without too much strain.

And that's how we got "just a few Spooky things" added to the mix. A little warm-up decorating for the Holidays ahead on the calendar. Happy Fall, y'all!

Speaking of a warm-up...

October 1st is the day I start seriously considering the gifts I plan to craft for Christmas. Only 10 more weeks to turn skeins of yarn into scarves, mittens, cowls, and maybe a sweater or a vest. Tick, tick, tick! But before I get too wrapped up in the to-be projects, let me share a couple of Finished Objects that were delivered just this week.

First up, the Star Afghan I crocheted for Missy M's birthday. Even though I'm primarily a knitter, I try to challenge myself with at least one crochet project each year. This was the one for 2013. I used a Bernat pattern called Mosaic and a yarn called Sheep-ish in 6 colors to match a wingback chair in her living room. See what you think.

And then there was this fun knitted dish towel for AW's birthday basket. Made it with a Lion Brand pattern and a Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn. Added a pumpkin button for the season. Here's a couple of pictures for you.

As I said, I'm just getting warmed up!


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