Busy Week Recap

Whew! I needed a weekend, how about you? Thinking back over the events of the past week, I can see why I might be feeling just a tad on the tired side. Here's the recap:

1. Working in the garden to prepare for our area's First Frost took several hours...in some pretty challenging windy conditions, always an energy zapper. Read more about those activities on our Garden Blog...click here to go there.

2. Putting on my Extension Master Gardener Volunteer hat...well, actually a name badge and a T-shirt...to prep and present a program on Winter Interest Gardening to a local garden club took a few hours, too. I have been out of the Speakers Bureau harness for a few months, so this was a treat, especially since I got to team up with an EMGV and HP friend. And, the icing on the cake was a review and recap lunch and equipment hand-off with SB chair and good friend (EMGV & otherwise!), JA.

3. Making a mad dash to Winston-Salem to attend a "lunch-and-learn" garden workshop at Old Salem (one of my all-time fave places) on Monarch Butterfly Migration only took 90 minutes out of the first part of the week...but was well-worth the effort. We have both developed an interest in gardening for butterflies in general, and in Monarchs, specifically. Being on the migration path means we should see them in abundance, but this year there was a frightening decline in our sightings in the Way Back. Did I share this (rather poor quality) photo of our first sighting, which did not occur until mid-August?

I discovered that our late sighting date matched our instructor's experience this year. She also shared many interesting facts with us, along with some alarming statistics. For example: you may know that all Monarchs migrate to winter in Mexico, but did you realize that ALL use only 2.94 acres of land? Unimaginable.

4. Arranging my daily schedule to incorporate the daily training walk with Abbie accounts for just a few hours...but has made the biggest impact in my life. While she is still over-flowing with energy, she is obviously calmer after her walks...and calmer is better! Plus, my back feels so much better when I commit to a daily walk.

5. Doing some Fall cleaning and fix-up activities takes minimal time, fitting in here-and-there...but what a satisfying feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day! Lots more on this list...but fortunately, I will have time in the weeks ahead.

Speaking of the weeks ahead...

After a false start, Mr. T has his shoulder surgery date: November 1st. The scheduler had originally told him Nov. 15, but the doctor decided at his Tuesday appointment to move it forward...thank goodness. T has had the necessary blood work done and goes Monday morning for the mandatory pre-surgery visit to the Surgery Center. Then he will head north for his final out-of-town trip for a while. He'll use Thursday to wrap up monthly reports and general clean-out-the-inbox activities...and be home to help me manage the pups on Halloween, which is always a challenge.

The current medical leave plan is to use personal days, followed by vacation days, followed by short-term disability. How long? Not sure...won't know until we know the extent of the surgery and repairs required...which won't be known until the surgeon "gets the 'scope in there."

Just another way of saying "wait and see." Oh goody. 


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