Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

We got home on Sunday night from the weekend in Louisville and look what we found! Snow!! Officially, they say that Lambert (the airport in STL) got 7 1/4 inches...the most snow since 2000, which means this is the most since we have been here. It looked so beautiful, especially with the Christmas decorations (see the photo of the front of our house, right)! Of course, it's a pain to shovel and sweep walkways...which is the first thing Mr. T had to do on the deck in order for the dogs to go into the backyard. They hate to have that cold wet stuff on their bellies...and other parts. Of course, they had been at the Bed 'n Biscuit, so they were ready to run around the backyard to see what had happened since they had been away from home!

On Monday morning, we stuck this ruler (left) into the snow piled on top of the patio table, just to see what it would say...and, after a couple of days of minor melting, we still had nearly 6 inches to measure.

Speaking of the weekend in Louisville...we had a great time, although the weather there was a mess, too. More rain than snow, but still cold and wet. Brother T. had car trouble and couldn't join us on Saturday for the Blow Ho Ho ornament workshop at Glassworks...our second year to do this neat activity. We then tried a new place (for us) called Bluegrass Brewing Company for our lunch...we had delicious food and great service to make up for the horrible weather, and we almost had the whole place to ourselves! Like a private party...

This was also our second year to meet at M's house for Family Christmas. J & J were able to make it from Nashville, and we were glad to see them and exchange our Christmas gifts over dessert (see the Rudolph cake I made, above,right). M was struggling with a nasty cold...which made being hostess loads of fun, don't you know? [Pass the Nyquil, please...]

Last year, Brother J got a goofy hat, which made for some funny photos when all tried it on. This year, the tradition continued, as you can see in the pic to the left. This one has these velcro patches that you can use to "catch" the balls that others throw at your head. He's such a good sport!

Missy M had her house decorated so pretty! My photo (right) just doesn't do her tree justice. Of course, she's been busy getting ready for Christmas...but she's also been working on her "last" main level room: her office. She primed it and painted the walls a lovely robin's egg blue a couple of weeks ago. And, she moved her kitchen table to her office...repurposing it as her desk. That was done to make room for our Christmas present to her...which had arrived a bit early, but just in time for Mr. T to assemble while we were there: a new kitchen island and breakfast bar. It took him several hours of steady work to get it together...but, oh boy, does it ever look nice! I'm trying to figure out how we could get one in our kitchen. Hmmmm...


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