Ch-ch-ch-changes...and FO's for the New Year

Look at that calendar! How dare it say January 20th? The days are just flying by...

Most of this month has been given over to getting well. A nasty cold that arrived in our household from Kentucky started a whole round of problems...let's just say that the statement "oh, my aching back," pretty much covers it for me, as I conquered the cold only to be bent low by my old nemesis. Mr. T continues to do battle with a monster cough, while Nana is just now beginning her climb back to better breathing. Don't you just hate a cold?

Anyway, it's been a ch-ch-challenging month of ch-ch-ch-changes for Mr. T, as he begins a new phase in his career. The company he has worked for since 1997 (Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America) is being assimilated into another, much larger parent company (Daimler AG/Freightliner/Sterling Trucks), and he has been involved in a couple of weeks of meetings, etc., as they make this happen by February 1st. Naturally, a bit of apprehension might occur at a time like this; you know how hard it is to learn all new systems, new organizational structures, new ways of doing things. But, honestly, his main reaction has been more of these changes are more positive than negative, for the most part. One thing's for certain...he'll not have a boring year in 2008!

As we welcome the New Year, I've been a busy little knitter, keeping the sticks clicking during all those bowl games...and then through the play-offs. And, as college basketball begins to dominate the season (Go Tigers Go!), I've got even more reason(s) to knit & purl. I've finished the Harry Potter First Year Scarf (seen in the photo on Ted E. Bear) and a hat to match in Encore burgundy and gold as suggested in "Charmed Knits." I gave them to Mr. T, who needed a warm scarf for his dog-walking activities...and then I immediately cast on another in Paton's Classic Wool for Missy M, who requested a Third Year scarf, which has narrower contrasting/gold stripes.

I've finished a couple of pairs of socks, along with a dishcloth that proclaims "Live to Knit" (from my new Knit 2008 Calendar box, a Christmas gift from J&J). And, I've been working on a sweater in deep red Cash Vero DK, on US6's using a moss-stitched pattern called "Minimalist Cardigan" from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits magazine. I just love, love, love knitting with this soft. And, I seem to have finally tamed the moss-stitch, which, along with the seed stitch, has always been a challenge for me for some reason. I've got the back done and have started on the right front. To my own amazement, I find myself using the Continental method on my "pure knitting" sections, as it really is faster than the English method...but, not for me on the purls, alas. Who says you can't teach an old dog any new tricks???


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