Are We Having Fun Yet?

I don't know about you, but I'm always thankful when I start a new month off right. Makes me feel like the next four weeks or so are headed in the right direction, don't you know?

Of course, it's good to close a month on a good note, too. April has certainly lived up to the reputation of being the Month of Showers.  And thankfully, we are now getting our share of flowers all around Casa 3917.

Dutch Iris in the Back Yard
Ducky and the Iris in the Way Back

Azaleas at the Piano Bar Deck
Betty Jean's iris in the Way Back

As you can see from a couple of those shots, the iris we received several years ago from my late cousins, Betty Jean and Wendell Gore, are making their annual appearance. We've moved these iris...or, at least offspring of the originals...from house to house, state to state, and we now have a lovely stand of them in the Rondell (Center "Circle" of the Way Back). Some yellow ones I added two years ago as a contrast color, will be making an appearance in a day or two. I so love it when they begin to open! Reminds of two wonderful people who enriched my life.  Remember...Betty Jean was my Lunn cousin who taught me to knit, 51 years ago...a priceless gift.

So, goodbye April.  Let's get the month of May rolling!

EMG mentor and friend, JA picked me up this morning, and off to the west side of Winston we went. We were registered for a Photography in the Garden class at Tanglewood. Since we have plans to add a similar offering to our Speakers Bureau lineup, we both had a particular interest in the subject.

Good class...learned some good some ideas about how to design "our" version and got to meet some Forsyth County Master Gardeners...and what a treat to see the Tanglewood grounds again! Used to take Missy M to the stables there to ride horses, and always love the lights at Christmas. After the class, we strolled through the gardens, enjoying the evidence of Spring all around us...despite how chilly the temps were.

Then we had a lovely lunch highlighted with great conversation at New Town Bistro. Ever had fried green tomatoes on a grilled pimento cheese sandwich? OK, that's a tad odd, but tasty...just the same! And no doubt, Master Gardening stuff forms the foundation of the many threads of our chatting, but JA and I share many things in common...and have enough differences to make things interesting...and I think we could find something to say about almost any subject.

Home again, home again to find that Abbie must have had strong feelings about my absence 'cause she ripped the backside of her little bed to shreds. To absolute shreds! It's not like she doesn't have a bazillion or so toys to occupy her time and boundless energy. Sigh. Training class, you say? Yeah...I think it's time. Oh well...

Not only did I have a super day, but I also heard from Missy M that she had a fun one, too. It's Derby Week in Louisville, and today was the day that sponsors and their employees got invited to Churchill Downs. What fun! She called to say she left the track a winner...a good $2.00 ahead of what she went in with. Woo hoo! Better than I usually do with the horses...

On to Mr. T. He's been in the-backside-of-nowhere-Illinois this week, and he called to say he's probably flying home a day early tomorrow. Yea! Music to my ears. He has been doing his best to protect his left knee from further damage. Although he hasn't received an official diagnosis yet, he did have a conversation with the tech who did his MRI last Friday...and confirmed a torn medial meniscus. So, he knows at least part of what his problem is. While there could be more going on in there, we know that arthroscopic surgery is in his future. Doctor appointment next week...stay tuned.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I'll finish up working on an upcoming MG presentation I'm doing on roses. Then, Friday I'll board an eastbound train and head to Raleigh for one of my fun days at the NC Symphony and then the NC History Museum.

And then Saturday night, we'll enjoy a fun night with the Greensboro Symphony playing John Williams favorites. They say we will be joined by members of the Fighting 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion, both international Star Wars Costuming Groups, appearing as characters of the Star Wars saga. Sounds exciting!

Perfect end to a fine week.

So to answer my own question about fun...except for the whole Mr. Ts knee thing...yes, yes we are!

Abbie enjoys a yoghurt (cup)...yummy!


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