Detour to the Surgery Center

OK, I didn't get that catch-up bike post done, did I? No, I took a little detour on Wednesday to the High Point Surgery Center for cataract surgery on my left eye. Not unexpected...just not expected to happen NOW! No my eyesight was deteriorating daily it seemed, I was ready to have this over and done!

You may recall that I had my right eye "done" in October 2012, at the High Point Surgery Center, and ultimately very successfully, too. So I had high hopes that things would go every bit as well. 

We checked in before we were due at 7:30, using my passport as my picture ID. I told you about the Pound Puppies eating my Driver's License, didn't I? 

Yes, well, they insisted I bring something that actually had my picture intact, and the only thing I could think of was my passport. Just think, somewhere on Wednesday morning someone used her passport to fly to Paris. I used mine to gain admittance to eye surgery. Ah well, comme ci comme ├ža!

Anyway, things seemed to go smoothly from the moment I walked in the door. And when the nurse got my IV inserted with minimal discomfort ON THE FIRST TRY, I thought "ooh baby, this is gonna be a piece of cake." 

Ah well, indeed. My luck may have run out then...or at least taken a detour.

I had a bad reaction to the nerve block anesthesia, causing a severe headache, nausea, etc. Since I still had an IV in Recovery, they were able to give me Percocet...and then morphine. And finally something for the nausea...which I didn't keep down long. Let's just say Wednesday was not what I would describe as a fun day. 

Then yesterday when the dr removed the shield and bandages, I discovered the vision in my left eye was cloudy. He is happy with the way the lens implant looks under the scope, so we wait and see whether the cloudiness will clear up on its own. Three kinds of eye drops 4 times a day ought to help with that! No strenuous activities, limit bending and leaning over to limit any pressure on that eye, no driving (bummer), keep bright lights to a minimum...blah, blah, blah. I see him again in a week, by which time it will have cleared up...or not. We shall pun intended...;-)

Meanwhile, I have these really UGLY dark shades to wear that are probably the best incentive I can imagine for getting better quickly. Ugh! Here they you can see. I titled this photo "going to my happy place...mentally if not (yet) physically." 

I have great nurses in Mr. T and Missy M, who are here for me...and who are serving as dog-wranglers for the Fab Five in residence. I don't have to worry about anything other than getting well. So, I'm going to "take the weekend off," do what the dr ordered, and be a patient patient. 

Well, two out of three ain't bad, right?


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