Here We Go Again

Can you tell what that is in that picture over there to the left?  Well, since it's Tuesday in HPNC, then it must be SNOW, right?  Right.  All right, already!  Surely this is our last snowstorm of the season.  Surely...

I love snow, don't get me wrong.  Nothing like a Snow Day:  pot of soup/stew on the stove; cup of hot tea with lemon by my side; knitting needles in my hand.  But, not this much...not this many...not this often.  And, after the first two or three, well, I'm ready for Spring.  Southerner to the core, I guess.

On my walk yesterday, I noticed several crocuses (crocii?) pushing up through the pinestraw mulches.  And, our own daffodils that we planted last Fall have several inches of green growth above ground...with a couple of brave flower buds in evidence.  Not blooms yet, mind you...just buds.  I even saw a branch or two of forsythia with flowers.  Soon, I hope the whole neighborhood will be awash in yellow!  But, first we have to get through yet another snow.  Predictions are for accumulations of anywhere between 2 and 4 inches.  I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, here's an update from the Drool Care Center. Duchess is doing pretty well today after her ordeal described in yesterday's post.  She's not happy to be wearing her T-Shirt Sleeve Bustle Bandage Tu-Tu...but it's working like a charm.  You can probably imagine her mood from the photo to the right.  After we doctored her rump-bump and wrestled her tu-tu bandage up and over her tail and tush, she flounced up into my chair as if to say "it's mine this morning, you horrible witch-woman you.  I'll show you.  Hhhhmmmppphhh!  I dare you to try to move me.  Go have your coffee someplace else!"  Ah well.

Plus, I now have a new med in my Doctor kit:  I learned from a message on the Basset board this morning about using Preparation H as a healing ointment.  Who knew?  She'll just love that, I'm sure...

Stay tuned.


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