Let Us Eat Cake

That was fun! Took a little Sunday drive of 175 miles or so, headed west on I-40 to see Brother J and SIL J in Asheville. Had a great time together.

Their former 'fixer-upper' home, purchased a bit over a year ago and refurbed with care and a keen eye for character, looks lovely and is a credit to SIL J's ability to look at a jewel-in-the-rough and see the Hope Diamond. Amazing talent...appreciated all-the-more because I'm devoid of any ability in that arena. They have worked hard...and it shows.

I said I'd bring tomatoes and lettuce from the garden to add to the meal...and dessert. Neither of them had ever tasted Sun Gold tomatoes, so was glad I could introduce them to these super-sweet morsels. Also I had a couple of ripe red Big Daddys and two big Brandywine Pinks for slicing. The lettuce is a bit sparse this time of year, but we had enough to decorate our burgers, which tasted great right off the grill.

And about the dessert plate I fixed...

Squares of Double Chocolate Coca-cola Cake along with Easy Cheesecake Cupcakes topped with cherry pie filling and frcesh (well, from the garden by way of the freezer...:-) blueberries proved to be equally popular. Links to recipes here:

Mr. T is certainly glad to have a holiday tomorrow to recover from such a long, driving weekend. His shoulder is getting worse, not better...and he will have a difficult time waiting a week or so until he sees the ortho surgeon. Since he had the MRI taken on Friday, he might be able to get in to see someone else in the practice a bit sooner? Fingers crossed...he's got to find relief soon.

Meanwhile, we'll have to eat cake, I suppose.


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