Where has the month gone?

I cannot believe it. The calendar says "October 20" but I'm not sure how it got there so fast. We started the month off with a weekend in Chicago (see photo to right of us in front of the Art Museum), where we met Missy M (who arrived there early for a scheduled training session) to play tourists in the Windy City. Then, I was in ATL for a week for work (and dental work), so I guess that must be why I feel like time went whoosh this month.

In addition to spending more time on business this past month, I've also been spending some more hours in the gym. I noticed in the late summer that I was feeling better...well, stronger, I guess is a better word. My back seems to generate less pain, and I seem to be able to walk longer before my foot and leg start "dragging." (Imagine: Quasimodo). Hmmmmm...something's different, for sure. So, long-story-short...I got myself back to the Y...am up to 3 miles on the treadmill, plus a couple of sets on the circuit...and, am still feeling good. This could be a real good trend indeed.

For sure, I credit the increase in flexibility from the circuit machines to helping me recover so quickly from a tough yardwork-out this weekend. We cleaned out the beds in the front; emptied pots of soil in preparation for winter; divided iris and daylilies; and re-planted as many as we could find a spot for. I thought I wouldn't be able to move today...but, to my surprise, I barely had a twinge of an achin' muscle. Thank goodness.

Oh, and one other home improvement I forgot to mention (although this one was mostly done by Mr. T., 'cause it involved E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y) is shown in the photo to the left. That's our new dining room chandelier! I had seen it a few years ago in the Pottery Barn catalog...but thought it a wee bit pricey. When I revisited it online, I found...to my disappointment...that it was discontinued. Drat. No worries! Found it on Ebay!! Less than half the original price!!! Brand new...in the box...shades still in the cellophane wrappers. Cool. BTW, can you tell this was my first ever winning bid...:)

Alas, all-of-the-above have left me fewer hours for knitting. I did finish a couple of projects since my last FO report, including:
1. Cutie-cute baby sweater and hat [for a neighbor's grandchild] out of super-soft Queensland Bebe Cotsoy yarn.
2. Some snazzy socks for N/M/E out of "Miami Nice" color of Maizy (85% corn fibers, can you believe?!) in the Rippling Dunes pattern.

So, what's on the needles now? Well...
1. That Shawl-collared Cardigan sweater in Highlander for Mr. T.
2. A scarf for Missy M (shhhhh...:)
3. Scarf for SIL
4. To-be-felted bag for moi in Andes yarn

Fortunately, I should have some quality knitting time coming up as the Boyz of October begin batting in Tampa on Wednesday. Woo-hoo! Go 'Rays! Plus, I'll be in the passenger seat this weekend as Mr. T. and I head to homecoming in Memphis. Go Tigers Go! Knit, girl, knit!!


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