A Brand New Ride

Woo hoo! We're on a roll now. Check out the new ride that followed me home from the dealership last Friday (photo, left, with Nana/Momma/Edith). After eleven years, I said "so long, farewell" to my baby Toyota Corolla...and "welcome home" to a Deep Water Blue Pearl PT Cruiser, which (after much thought) I named "Lillie." (Not making the connection? Well, my grandmother's name was Lillie Pearl...)

N/M/E and I had rented a PT Cruiser for our recent trip to Gatlinburg, and we both truly appreciated the ease of entry and exit, as well as the amazing amount of flexible space created by the hatchback and the foldable/removable rear seating configuration(s). If only the driver's seat had been height-adjustable (it wasn't made for someone 5'2"...:) and cruise control had been included (that was on my list of requirements for any replacement for the Toyota...which didn't have cruise...).

Well, we found out that the Touring version of the PT Cruiser had both of these items...and a whole lot more! Remote key locks? Check! Comfortable ride and good gas mileage? Double check! Same ease of entry/exit, 24 mpg, and the tires are almost cartoon-like, they give such a balloon-y ride. CD Player? Triple check! I can play CD's and my IPod...and I get Sirius radio for a year!! Ooh...and I have a sunroof! And, heated seats!! And I can rearrange the way-back in order to give ALL the Drool Gang a ride to the Dairy Queen!! And I even love the color!!! Memphis Tiger True Blue, wouldn't you agree? Oh yeah...I'm like a kid at Christmas, for sure. You will possibly forgive my enthusiasm and explanation points...you see, I've not had a "brand-new" car in 20 years. Shows, doesn't it?

I put Lillie to the travel test almost immediately, hitting the road for Nashville for a family funeral. While N/M/E and I were sad and tear-drained, we rode in complete comfort...and arrived home, no worse-for-wear.

Welcome to the family, Miss Lillie Pearl!


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