These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Mr. T. and I had a great time recently in Memphis, where we went to the University of Memphis Homecoming football game. I've loved this school (and football) since I was a little girl and Billy "Spook" Murphy was the coach.

I count myself fortunate that we moved back to Memphis after we were married, and I was able to earn my Master's degree from (as it was known at the time) Memphis State University.

The opponent this year was the University of Southern Mississippi...yup, where I got my Bachelor's degree. I was sure of only one thing as we headed to the Liberty Bowl Stadium, where the Tigers' home games are played: my alma mater was going to win the game! I am happy to report that Memphis pulled it out, 36-30...Go Tigers, Go!! (Truth be told, I don't count Southern as one of my favorite places/things, as I was only there a few months to complete my degree in record time...just a matter of convenience, really. But, I still like their band...:)

Speaking of bands...Memphis' Mighty Sound of the South sounded every bit as good as they ever were...maybe even a bit more flashy, with fireworks on the field to welcome the team when they ran through the Big Tiger Head (photo, left). The "Go Tigers Go" Fight Song is still my favorite one, followed closely by Notre Dame's Fight Song (which was also my high school's), and (ok, grudgingly) UT's Rocky Top.

Speaking of Missy M...and favorite things...she and I had a fun day on Saturday at Knit and Caboodle in St. Charles. We took a class on making a Knitting Basket! I didn't get a picture of them before she took them with her to L'ville to stain, but I'll post one as soon as I can.

She went back home yesterday, but Ella Rae is staying with us for a couple of weeks. She is so full of energy that I'm not sure if any of us can keep up with her...but we are having fun trying! Here's a photo (right) of her sitting on the back of the sofa, barking out the window at something (?) in the back yard. This is about as still as she ever gets in the daytime!

Time to get to the Y for my walk...I'm up to 3.5 miles on the treadmill, woo-hoo! I'll have to do a little extra today, 'cause I won't make it tomorrow. I imagine that I'll be too pooped to exercise after a long Election Day...we have to be there at 4:45 A.M., and we'll probably still have folks in line at 7:00 p.m. Frankly, I hope we have a busy day...because that means a big turnout. Think we'll get to 70% this year? 80? 90 or more? Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

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