The Garden Shed - Day Three

The wind doth blow, the rain doth fall...

As I write this post, I've got one eye on the weather...for good reason, too.  We have predictions of rain and wind, possibly even a thunderstorm...and we don't need any of those here at Casa 3917.

Remember, when last you read, we'd raised the walls on our Garden Shed, but the dark and the cold chased us indoors before we could complete any further steps of the instruction booklet.  So, it sits roof-less, facing the cruel elements.  And, I sit...fearing one bad blast that will flatten all our hard work.  It's a nail-biter, all right.

Tigers score touchdown, win the first half...but lose the game
 We took a little break this past weekend from construction work to travel to Huntington, WV, to see the Tigers play the Thundering Herd of Marshall University.  Yep, that Marshall.  Plus, it was the 40th anniversary of the plane crash that killed 70+ members of football team, coaches, and supporters returning from the East Carolina football game.  Not the best week to be playing them.

Anyway, as that's near the midway point between HPNC and Louisville, we met Missy M there on Saturday.  The Tigers played their hearts out...well, at least for the first half, leading 10-0 as we few Tiger fans cheered loudly when they left the field for the visitors' locker rooms.  Then, apparently that team left town.  Or else, the real Marshall team showed up.  Whatever...the second half was just sad.  Let's not speak of it anymore.

What I do want to say about the trip is how warm and welcoming the folks in Huntington (where Marshall is located) and Barboursville (where we stayed at the Holiday Inn) were!  We must have been thanked for coming 10-15 times.  We were dressed in Memphis blue, so everyone knew who we were there to support.  Several told us how much they love coming to Memphis, too (since they had no way of knowing that we didn't actually live in Memphis anymore).  NOTE:  No one in Knoxville has ever thanked us for coming to UT and spending our money there...and no one in Louisville thanked us for coming to that game earlier this year...not a single person...well, other than Missy M, who doesn't really count 'cause she's a Tiger fan...:)  We'll definitely make the trek back to the west side of West Virginia whenever we can, even if it does involve $6 in tolls there and $6 in tolls back on the West Virginia Turnpike.  I like going where they are happy to see me, don't you?

OK, back to the Shed.  When we returned home on Sunday evening, it was too late to work on the roof.  More importantly, Mr. T had to return to work (and head off to Norfolk, VA) on Monday...and the reports of bad weather began to surface.  Drat.

Shed ready for the storm: painted interior and floor + tarp
 New plan.  On Monday, I dragged out the painting tools.  I had some "oops" paint that would work perfectly to provide some protection for the interior walls and floor against the rain.  Paint, paint, paint.  Paint some more.  Paint until my hands, arms, and legs were screaming at me. I stopped just long enough to down a sandwich and a tangerine for lunch.  Mr. T was packed and ready to head out of town when the first drops started to fall, and I was still working on the left, he donned his painter's cap to help me get the places I couldn't reach.  There was a little break in the rainfall, and I was able to roll a coat of some semi-gloss on the floor before the heavy stuff arrived.  The tarp we have is too small to cover the entire building, but it makes a great floor cover.  Hopefully, if the walls are still standing after this storm passes, the paint will have kept most of the moisture at bay.

I'm humming "the sun'll come out tomorrow..."


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