Garden Shed, Day Two

Excellent Progress.  That's what our report card for Day Two of Building our Garden Shed might say.

Day Two - Side Walls Complete
As you will recall (if you read that last post), we'd gotten the foundation done and the first side wall all framed up...before the dark overtook us.

Thankfully, Friday dawned bright and beautiful (if a bit on the nippy side...:), so we got going with construction right after Mr. T finished his scheduled (work) conference call.  Yep, he's still on his so-called vacation.


We nailed on the siding to Wall One (Right) and got it upright against the tree.  Wall Two (Left) went a little faster, probably because we had more experience in interpreting the picture-instructions.  We had it framed up, paused for lunch, and then nailed on the siding...all by 1:00. 

Back Wall - A jigsaw puzzle
 The Back Wall was a jigsaw puzzle, and we congratulated ourselves when we finished it and got it standing upright against the picket (garden) fence.  Whew!

Next up, Front Wall and the Doors.  Now, this thing was starting to look like something!  That just spurred us onward.

When we lost our daylight at 4:30, we had finished the side walls, the back wall, the front wall, and the doors...and we just weren't ready to quit.  So, Mr. T brought out the work-shop lights.  He chuckled that he hoped those Fed Ex planes flying to PTI airport didn't mistake our backyard for the runway!

It fits!  See the lights in the front/right
 Amazingly, all the walls fit together when we stood each one up and nailed it in place, as instructed!  Of course, each one took a few love-taps with the hammer to fit snugly...I'm sure they just accidently left the picture of a worker doing that out of the instructions.  Tee hee.

By the time the cold air was just too much to take, we'd got all the walls of the shed together.  We covered the floor with a tarp (just in case it rains before we get the roof on...:) and called it a day.

A great, big, wonderfully productive day!


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