Garden Shed - The Big Reveal

One little red leaf left on the dogwood in the front
Whoosh!  That was the sound of November rushing by.  I really must be getting older 'cause every month seems to go by faster than the one just before.

I took that picture (right) this morning, looking  out the dining room window...AKA my office (or, droffice, if you will...:) to document the last leaf left on the dogwood tree in front of the front porch. Mr. T spent nearly an hour with the leaf blower, trying to corral all the ones that had fallen on the sidewalk and driveway, blowing them back into the area we call the Natural Area.  It's a hopeless cause if done before all the leaves fall, but we are pretty close now.  Only the oak trees are holding on to theirs now.  Winter is truly on its way.

The last full month of Fall has been a busy one for us here at Casa 3917.  As you know from reading the previous posts, building a garden shed has taken up most of our spare time. 

The Shed Begins on 11/11
 You will recall this project started early A.M. on 11/11, with the delivery of the kit from Home Depot, along with the pictorial instruction booklet, and the extra pieces and parts like the foundation and the roofing supplies.  We had a perfect spot in the back yard for the shed to fit (photo to left)...and so it began.

It took seven days spread out over 3 weeks, but together we finally worked our way through the booklet, drawing by drawing.  When we reached the final page, we had built an 8 x 12 garden shed, complete with built-in workbench and extra storage in the "attic" and on shelves on both long sides.  And, possibly even better news to report: we did that without having to file for divorce!

Gus and Duchess check out
the new garden shed - 11/29/10
 Ta da!  There she is (right)!!  Isn't she beautiful as well as practical? 

Did you notice the difference in quantity of leaves on the limbs in the before and finished photos?  Now, there are more on the ground than in the trees.

When I started to move some of my gardening supplies inside, I was met with the "left-overs" from the building process:  paint cans, extra roof shingles, ladders, tools, etc.  Hmmmmm.  Soon, however, Mr. T carried that stuff back to "his domain,"  AKA the workshop area of the garage.

All that being said, finished is such a relative term, don't you agree?  We still have to add a front step or stoop (that's just an extra pallet you see in front of the purple Blooming Wisteria doors). We are also going to add a cupola with a weather vane to the roof.  And, we have a couple of windows to add to the rear wall, so that I can look out over the garden whenever I work at the workbench inside.  The never-ending project...

The new shed is certainly going to come in handy...real soon, too.  I got my letter of acceptance into the Master Gardener certification program with Guilford County Extension service on Friday (hooray!), so I'm guessing that gardening will move into high the New Year...around here.


Miz Teresa said…
Congratulations on entering the Master Gardener program! I've always been impressed with the ones at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Love the garden shed, by the way.

Teresa (knitter from Knit and Caboodle)
Good to hear from you! And thanks for the nice comments. Master Gardener is a HUGE leap for me...from knowing a little bit about a lot of gardening topics to having to learn an awful lot about everything. Should be interesting, to say the least! Still miss K & all-time fav LYS!

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